Love and friendship are two most amazing things that exist in the world. Both have their own charm and feelings. But most of the time we just keep on asking how love is different from friendship? Are we just potential lovers or just best of friends? Since they are so similar, you really have to watch yourself and listen to your feelings and your heart.
But there is a thin line which differentiates each other. The following points are some of them.
1. You feel unhappy while you find your lover with someone else: This is definitely more than a friendship. Friends are casual with eachother. But if your lover loves you, you will see a lot more effort in their attitude.

2. Your Lover’s mere presence make you feel nervous: Whenever you see your lover your heart starts throbbing and you find yourself suddenly caring how you looked. This all indicates that you may really be falling in love.

3. You always try to keep your lover happy by any means: You just start doing the things that he or she likes. And thus you start caring too much about how your lover acts.

4. Whenever you come online you look at your Lover’s chat box: Without looking else you just switch over to the chat box and look at the name you most fond of.

5. You have to talk to each other at least once a day: Think about how you feel when your phone rings and your know it’s lover calling. Does it make you feel whole comfortable? Yes, then that’s the heart saying you are in love.

6. You are so cautious about your lover’s protection: It’s really good to be worried for friends but if you feel overwhelming sense of protectiveness over your lover no matter how he or she does, then you may be falling in love.

7. You keep on wondering what he or she is up to: You can’t go more than a few hours without thinking about your so called lover. You keep on imagining and do check in or texts shortly after you have left eachother.

8. You become selective about your get up: Have you become cautious about your look, clothes and you spent much more time grooming and looking into the mirror? If so, congrats it’s something different going inside your heart.

9. You start sharing your personal matters with so much ease: Once you are enveloped by the deep glue of love you keep on chatting with your lover with ease. For both of you all matters seem as personal and you guys keep on advising each other.

10. Your fights, when you have them, are like battle: Does he/she seem overly hurt or slighted when you make fun or accidentally hurt them? They might brush things off like a friend, or take it really hard like a lover.Sometimes when you fight lots of tear, name calling and passive aggressiveness happen. If you feel like your fights are long, passionate and deep then yeah, you may be more than just typical friends.

Well, it’s really very hard to find a true love and a true friend. But once they are found, life seems euphoric

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