Having a crush on someone is one of the best feelings. But when it comes to approaching your Crush then it becomes  something very difficult. So before he or she moves forward or loses interest in you need to approach her with a great sense of confidence without considering any results. Here are some of the ways that helps one to approach his or her CRUSH

1.Try to talk him or her

Without exchanging the words, one could never do anything.  Just start talking to her by greeting with Hi. Pitch yourself slightly but effectively.  Say less but talk more.

2. Find out his or her interests

Everyone wants to know about the things that matter them the most.This makes your conversation interesting and long.

3.  Figure out the things in common between both of you

Well, this is something that could do wonders. Share the things the way you do which could further become the two way process.

4. Help others, god will help you : Everyone likes those people who comes out in between and helps the needy. This should be taken care of so that she or he might get that way attracted.

5. Be amiable always

When it comes to qualities people generally wants to go with those who are amiable and shows a sense of friendliness. Especially when we talk about girls they easily get impressed by little things.

6. Pick up the right time to talk to him or her

It’s all about doing the things comfortably and perfectly.  Do the chitchat whenever he or she finds it comfortable.

7.  Make her feel special by letting her know

Just reveal the things the way you  think about her so that she could feel special.

8.  Frequently use his or her name while talking to others or her or him

Frequently use his or her name while talking because whenever the  things come straight from the heart it strikes the heart.

9. Always make him or her feel comfortable

We all like comforts. This is only a condition which stretches all your capabilities to go beyond the existing abilities and let him or her know the thing that matters  you the most .

10. Start Small

Aim to introduce yourself to your Crush in passing several times, before you hope to have lengthy conversation. So next few times you meet say hi and nothing more. With a little time, your confidence level around him or her will have increased.

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