How to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you.

Love is not found, it’s felt. But to stop loving someone is not easy. Once you fell in love you start looking at the things in a different way. But it’s useless to love that special one who doesn’t love you back. Though, it’s hard but there are certain things that may provide you a way to get away from that one-sided love.

1. Stick to your routine: Follow your day to day routine without bothering about the things that mattered you the most.

2. Distract yourself from the things that mattered you the most:  It’s difficult to get back to the things that you used to do.  Works help you to forget about the things that disturb you.

3. Go outside with your friends: Yes, friends are forever. Going out with the whole lot of amusing and enjoying friends will make you feel refreshed.   4. Express your feelings to yourself or with a close friend: Don’t belittle yourself for feeling this way or try to ignore the feelings in the hopes they’ll go away. Express them openly and honestly. Expressing your emotions through creative pursuits, like music, art, or a favorite hobby, can be very helpful.

5. Chase yourself not that one who was not yours: Remember, love must be reciprocated otherwise,  you will lose precious year of your life waiting for something that will never happen. Go ahead with your passion. This will make you feel satisfied.

6. Strengthen your support network: Just go outside and interact with your friends and people you know. The more you interact, the lesser will be your pain.

7. If you are a frequent  Social media user, then give it a break: Social media may keep your love feelings alive because you never know what kind of stuffs will come up on it. So, It’s better to stay away and stay calm.

8. Recognise that the heartbreak is normal: Recognise that the pain is normal.  It’s natural to feel hurt if you love someone who doesn’t return the feeling. Accepting that your feelings are normal can help you process them.

9. Treat this as a learning experience: The process of learning never gets stopped. Maturity comes on experiences. So, treat them as a learning experience.

10. Pen down the things about yourself: Write about yourself, about the things that you have and the things that you want to have.

11. Let the art heal your heart: Love is not a feeling it’s an art. So try to figure out that lovely artful thing, again.

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.


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