When in a relationship, every couple has these, the stupid fights that are based on meaningless topics and even worthless conclusions. And no matter how unique you think your relationship is, these fights are common to almost every couple. Breaking it out, these are the 16 stages of every basic couple fight.

1. It always starts with an extremely pleasant day!

There is something common with how every couple fight starts. It always starts to a day extraordinarily pleasant. It’s like they show in the movies. There is calmness around and birds chirping and a soothing wind blowing. “Could this day any better?”, you ask. And then…

2. One of you say something stupid and it begins!

Thinking about it, It’s not always that stupid. It could be a very general question like, “Did you take the trash out?” And of course being a man, your answer would always be a “No, I forgot” or “No, I will do it later” or “No, How does it even matter?” or “No, What’s the rush?“. So basically different variants of No, and that’s fine. Is it really that important?

3. And things get worse when the other take offense!

Am I the only one supposed to take care of this house?”

Am I the only responsible for everything in the house?”

When would you stop being careless?

You are a grown up adult. Learn to take care of yourself, I am not your mom

4. And then someone tries to make a dirty joke out of the situation which worsens the situation even more!

5. And then the series of offence taking continues!

So this is all a joke to you?

I thought we were going to be serious here

Why am I the only one making an effort in this relationship?

You don’t love me, right?

6. This is the point where the other person gets in character too!

How dare you doubt me?

It’s always been you who have been criticising me. Don’t you remember that time when I did “Blah Blah”, you did “Blah Blah” and I was so cooperative with you?”

So, are we bringing up the past now? Fair enough. I can never have a logical conversation with you

7. Now is the time to make grand proclamations about long-forgotten wrongs!

8. Both will stay silent for 15 minutes now before the guy realises he is ugly and how hard he tried to impress her in the first place. Gathering all courage, He says Sorry!

9. But It ain’t over yet! The other person still has to maintain character before finally sorting it out. The guy keeps saying Sorry, and the exact moment where the girl is about to say “It’s okay”, the guy loses it and shouts, “Fuck it”!

10. The tables have turned and the guy seems to be in a position of comfort. The guy decides to end the fight finally but the game isn’t over yet.

The girl exclaims

“How dare you shout at me?”

11. And the guy ends up saying a string of “Sorry” all over again!

12. Both Get pissed again and each of you thinking you’re completely in the right and they don’t understand you and how did you ever think this could work.

13. After some time, both of them started thinking about how wrong they were and the another person was kind of right.

13. Someone breaks the ice and begins to talk about something normal.

14. The other one feeling wanted again, breaks up and says Sorry!

15. Now that this Sorry really meant something, your EGO can afford to say Sorry too!

16. Now that everything is resolved, the day is bright and sunny again. The birds are back to their usual business and the love is back. What could possibly go wrong now?


Why the hell did you like her pic on Instagram?

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