We live in the age of Internet and the first fact we are going to tell you is that “Everything you read on the Internet is true”. For more crazy TRUE facts, read the list below:

1. Every Human on an average swallows 4 spiders in their sleep every night.

2. The real reason behind saltiness of sea water is whale sperm.

3. Einstein failed Maths 12 times and couldn’t add/subtract till 1960.

4. Bill Gates was named so because he was born on a gigantic gate.

5. People only use 10% of their brain, 5% of their heart and 1% of their liver.

6. Men think about Sex every 6 seconds and other 5 seconds are about Boobs.

7. Spiders are even more terrified of Women.

8. The average age at which a kid starts drinking is 3.

9. Two-thirds of the human body is made of water and rest of spiders.

10. A dog’s asshole is found to be cleaner than your burger.’

11. Fishes actually die of thirst when taken out of water.

12. A powerful fart can actually take you to the moon.

13. Chuck Norris can cough, sneeze, fart, and swallow spiders ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

14. 76% of the food an average American eats is actually crushed spider.

15. 84% of black people believe spiders taste like chicken and 43% of white females between the ages of 18-25 think spiders taste like Starbucks.

16. Men think about Sex even when they are swallowing spiders.

17. 72% of these facts were written by spiders.

18. 62% of people will actually believe it to be TRUE and comment an abuse.

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