Chaunie Brusie, a freelance writer and a mom of four, presents us with 5 comical situations that underline the differences between dads and moms when they go out in public. And We bet you would relate to it. Don’t you remember the time you spent in the mall with your parents? If you still can’t recall, here are some graphics to help you with the reminder.

(h/t: Babble)

dad-vs-mom-going-out-in-public-parenting-comics-chaunie-brusie-1-57aacf52d92bf__700 dad-vs-mom-going-out-in-public-parenting-comics-chaunie-brusie-2-57aacf556a488__700 dad-vs-mom-going-out-in-public-parenting-comics-chaunie-brusie-3-57aacf573cdf7__700 dad-vs-mom-going-out-in-public-parenting-comics-chaunie-brusie-4-57aacf5931c05__700 dad-vs-mom-going-out-in-public-parenting-comics-chaunie-brusie-5-57aacf5b2f7a1__700

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