You met a cute girl and you feel like she is the one, she is the woman of your dreams. But you face a problem almost everyone faces. You can’t figure out if she is into you. And you are not to be blamed for this. Women are confusing creatures. However, there are some behaviors that might leak in some important clues. Yes, If you witness her with these sociopathic behaviors, she is into you. Buckle up for a ride.

Interrupted eye contact with a weird smile!

This is probably the first thing you should look for. Every time you talk to her staring direct into her eyes, look at what she does. If she tries to maintain an eye contact, blushes away from it and then look at you again with a weird smile, the game is on. This would probably be the first time a woman has looked at you like this. Embrace this beautiful moment as she might totally be into you. Just make sure she doesn’t carry a knife around with her. Game changes too quickly for them, girls.

girl into you

She laughs at everything you say!

This could be your second clue. We all know how you suck at delivering jokes and how your sense of humor is all screwed up. Take a note, though. If she still laughs at all your shitty jokes, dude, the game is on. Think for yourself. Even your friends or parents don’t have the mercy to laugh at your humor, why would someone of opposite gender do that? It’s as clear as glass. She is into you. or she is batshit crazy. Thinking about it, the chances are pretty for that too. But, we have to be optimistic. Always think good.

girl into you2

Lack of remorse!

She would fight with you over the smallest of things which you didn’t even know about. She calls you a fatass and careless loser who doesn’t know how to get anything done. This lack of remorse is definitely what we are looking for, in a girl. If your girl does the same to you, congratulations!

And no, she is not a sociopath for not caring about your feelings. She knows your love can overcome every kind of difficulties and hatred she is going to throw at you. If you can relate to it, you clearly are going in the right direction. You have found the women of your dreams.

girl into you3

She gets angry too quickly!

This is literally a giveaway. Did she shout at you when you were trying to kiss her while she applying a lipstick? Did she slap you when you were looking at another girl when she tried to hug you in a park? Don’t feel sad about it. It’s actually a good sign. She is just jealous at the idea of you being with another woman.

And the odds are actually very small that she would shoot you when you try to watch a cricket match while she wants to talk. It’s literally close to just 20%, so you don’t worry about it. Let the love blossom.

girl into you4

She tries to manipulate you!

Have you recently argued with a friend of yours? Have you started to eat Mexican food just because she loves it? And most importantly, Have you gotten into the habit of saying sorry?

Don’t be alarmed. She is not manipulating you. She is just good at figuring what you really want!

In fact, She knows you better than anyone else. She is the one who helped you realize how your best friend is a pervert and an asshole, your ex is a lying bitch and how sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. Trust me, it’s not her. This is what you want.

girl into you5

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