Blogging is fun, Blogging is elegant, Blogging seems like an honest paying job however nobody tells you concerning the struggles each blogger goes through. we’ve taken the pain of formulating these five stages of blogging that each author goes through:

1. Denial:

This is the first stage almost every blogger can relate to. You write something for the first time, don’t even take the pain of proofreading and hit the save button. And there you are. You just saved your article and are a blogger now whose shiny new blog is live on the internet. But is this it? Are you sure I am a blogger? Was this so easy? It for sure looked like a child’s play but who cares, I am a blogger now! OMG! I still can’t believe it. It’s time to take things slow now and be content with my feelings. I shall check my blog tomorrow morning when it gets viral and hits around a million clicks. Tomorrow will be the day when I get famous.

2. Frustration:

You couldn’t sleep well last night. How could you? Today is supposed to be your biggest day. You are set to be a famous star in the blogging world and you could even be on newspaper front cover tomorrow. Anticipated and anxious, you open your blog and boom. nothing happens. This wasn’t supposed to happen. You reload it just to check it again. You can’t believe your eyes, your blog had just 1 hit and that too by your own PC. Isn’t it frustrating to let go of this amazing opportunity and dream you had built? Now you know what to do. Blogging is really not your thing, you should go back to watching porn like you always did.

3. Spamming:

After spending hours watching porn, you finally end up on YouTube and we all know how you can end up in the most random videos on YouTube, you found something weird too. You caught hold of that motivational video which inspired you enough to give another shot to it. You google various ways of spreading your blog and you read about this golden rule of publicity: Spamming! You now share your blog on every platform you are signed up in and that is literally everything on The internet: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Digg and what not! You even resort to asking each of your friends to read the article and share it on their accounts.

4. Depression:

With so much struggle and hard work, you decided to check your stats once again and isn’t this magic? With so much begging, you managed to get a hit of 30 users in one day. Damn! All of my friends are worthless. Do I even have friends? Or are they just backstabbers? Can I trust anyone? Can I even bank on anyone when I need them? What could be the reason of my best friend not sharing my blog? Talking about reason, What is the purpose of life? Am I even relevant? Does anybody care? So many questions come into the mind and there is just one solution: Depression!

5. Acceptance!

A day or two passes in letting that deep pain inside your heart sink in. But now you are feeling better about it. Now that you about the truth of society and friends, thanks to that deep philosophical session, you are now ready to publish another blog. Amidst these tense days, you managed to think of a new idea for your new article and here you are here. You are ready again without much hopes and anxiety. You now know that this is a better way to express your feelings and ideas and it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it. You feel better just by letting your thoughts flow.


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