Are you tired of your boring life? Do you think your life has become very obvious with a 9-5 job without no scope of improvement? Are you bored of sitting on your couch and wasting your time? Are you sick of those never ending candy crush requests? You have come to the right place. You just need to implement these 6 effective methods in your life to become a highly successful person. What are you waiting for? Jump on:

1. Brushing Teeth is too mainstream!

Every successful person has one thing in common: They live life to their fullest. And we need food to live. That means “food is life”. To make sure you enjoy the whole of it, stop brushing your teeth. Every meal is an experience and you would never want to lose that experience. When people complain about your stinking breath, remember that success is not about them, it’s about you. Someone has to compromise, why not them?

2. Stop Exercising!

Another important step towards being a successful person is becoming confident. You need to know who you are and be proud of it. What if you gained 20 kgs in a month? It doesn’t really matter. No one else can tell you how your body should look like. You just have to be confident without caring about how much weight you put up. Remember: MY LIFE, MY CHOICE!

3. Keep challenging yourself:

This is what you must regularly do in order to feel good about your achievements and of course become successful. How many girls did you text last week without using auto correct? Just one? And even she didn’t reply? Don’t you worry? Take this as a challenge. Text 5 different girls this week. Don’t care about their replies. Because a successful person does his work without thinking of the result.

4. Invest in every food industry!

This is the shortest route to success you can ever get.Invest in every food industry you ever come across. The chips you are eating, the beer in your hand and the pizza you just ordered. Invest in everything. Still not convinced? Imagine meeting a person who is dejected? What will you do to make him happy? Order him a pizza and a beer. See? This thing will never run out of business.

5. Always clear your Internet history!

Life is quite unpredictable. No one ever knows what is going to happen next. Delete your internet history the moment you wake up. What if your mobile/laptop gets stolen? What if you die? No one else can know your fetishes and your desires. They too can use this to climb the leaders of success. Make sure you delete all the evidence because the competition is not what you want.

6. Don’t read a new book every week! Instead, write a new book!

You know what they say? We should be looking to create histories than reading it. Successful people don’t have time to read books every week. You should follow this principle too. Instead of reading new books, write new ones every week and send them as a newsfeed to each of your contacts. In fact, Spam them. They should know how hard working you are.


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