Life is tough. And it’s tougher when your name is Hardik. And why wouldn’t it be? Your parents were decent people who hardly knew naming you “Hardik” could invite so many troubles for you. The jokes and the questions never seem to end. Here are the 6 jokes you are tired of hearing if your name is Hardik.

1. What came first? Egg or the Chicken?

When you are Hardik, you know how much this question can hurt you. And it has all reasons to do so. It leaves you pondering over something no one knows the answer to.

2. Why did the Chicken cross the road?

Seriously! Enough with this. Who asks questions like these to a person named Hardik who is already struggling so much in his life?
3. “Three construction workers are breaking for lunch at the top of a tall building. The first opens his lunch and sees that he has a bologna sandwich. “Dammit!” he says. “I’m so sick of bologna! I swear if I get bologna one more time I’m gonna jump off this building!” The second man opens his lunch and slams it down immediately in anger. “Tuna fish! I hate tuna fish. If I get tuna fish for lunch one more time, I’m gonna jump off this building!” The third man opens his lunch and sees it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “I’ve had enough of this!” he roars. “If I get peanut butter and jelly one more time, I am jumping off this building!” The next day at lunchtime, the men open their lunches. The first finds bologna and true to his word jumps to his death. The second finds tuna, curses the tuna fish and those who prepare it, and jumps off the building. The third man, finding a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, becomes enraged and follows suit. Three days later at the men’s funeral, the first and second men’s wives are sobbing, consoling one another. “If only I’d known he didn’t like bologna!” sobbed the first. “Why oh why did I keep making him tuna fish!” sobbed the second. The third wife, however, didn’t seem to feel bad at all. “Why aren’t you upset?” the second asked the third. She replied: “Oh, he made his own lunch.””

Hardik says, “Yaaawn”

4. What did 0 say to 8? Nice belt!

Boooring. Hardik is already tired of your shit.

5. A dyslexic man walks into a bra!

“OMG! That’s so funny. How can you be so creatiiiiyaaaawnnnnve!”, Says Hardik everywhere.

6. Why is your name Hardik? 

“Well, this is pretty new. I don’t know why. Maybe I have some super powers which you are jealous of and that makes you highly uncomfortable about the situation which you are in, being afraid your girlfriend leaves you for someone better.

Just kidding! That’s such a funny name to have. Loser!

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