Girls are amazing creatures because of two reasons and I don’t see a point in explaining those two reasons. However, there are some rules about guys every girl should now. What are we waiting for? Let’s begin the countdown:

1. Yes! You are fat!

If you constantly feel the need of asking your boyfriend whether you are fat or not, let’s just face the truth that you are. Constant questioning and listening to lies are not going to make you any thinner. A blunt truth is always better than repeated lies. Now, Go lose some weight in the gym.

2. Don’t ask us what we are thinking unless it’s about the shotgun or modern aircraft!

It’s another problem everyone faces irrespective of gender. Girls are always curious about what we are thinking and we always act clueless about the question. But since you insist a lot, let’s talk about it. We were thinking about the vertical takeoff in the F-35 model and about how does a variable nozzle support it. We were also thinking about the latest UTS-15 12 gauge pump shotgun and how awesome it would be to use that. Are you happy now? Shall we talk about that?

3. Shopping is not a sport and you don’t have to win Gold!

What’s with women and shopping anyway? They can think about the most random of stuff to buy, wander in the mall for 5 hours and eventually buy some other stuff which wasn’t even needed in the first place. Let’s get these clear girls. Shopping is not yet a sport and you don’t have to win gold in this.

4. You have enough clothes. 

Her entire cupboard, your entire cupboard, an almirah in the drawing room and the cupboard in the guest room is filled with her clothes and still she doesn’t have enough clothes? What? Seriously? The number of clothes you have can take the entire India out of poverty and yet you complain.

5. Girls wearing low-cut blouse lose the right to complain about men ogling at them!

I know I have pulled myself into deep trouble after writing this, but I seriously needed to take this out. So how do you think it works?

Men are very simple organisms and let’s address the issue, they like Boobs. Now, if you are wearing a low-cut blouse showing a lot of your cleavage, men will ogle at you. That’s true. They would. But don’t worry, they will not hurt you. They know it’s out of their reach, they just want to make the best out of that moment. Don’t complain either.

6. If you ask a question you don’t want an answer to, DON’T ASK!

Guys literally can’t get a hint about what you want to hear. If you ask us a question and not expect an honest answer, you have brought this upon yourselves. We didn’t know what you wanted to hear and we didn’t know that this time we were allowed to lie. So keep it simple. Don’t ask us tricky questions.

7. It’s not fun to talk during movies!

Ah. Please spare us. We don’t like to talk during movies. If you have any questions, please keep it reserved for the interval. We do not entertain any doubts before the¬†interval. It’s really not fun to talk about how your friend broke up and how she is a bitch when we are watching some serious movie like Hotel Transylvania. Stories can come later.

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