Many a times it has been noticed that you couldn’t make a cut to the first love of your life. They say those guys are lucky who get their first love. But there are certain things which come up like bouncing strength when you didn’t make it through with your first love.

1. You start looking for a Girl Best Friend : Girlfriend or what? No, it’s girl best friend.  It’s always better to have a female friend as your best friend. She knows the way to a woman heart.

2. Your loving genes get more stronger: Man is a sole product of situation. Situation stimulates the genes to grow positively.

3. You start respecting girls even  more:  It transforms the outlook of a guy. You start giving regards to the girl more than you did.

4. You try to get into the good books of your first love: Well,  it doesn’t matter that how it will be done but you will try to keep yourself in a position  so that you would be there in her good books .

5. Now you look relationships with more respect and adores  it through every possible way : For you relationship is like something more than anything. You start drawing conceptions of positivity in negativity.

6. It evokes your talent to get up from the hibernation: Somehow you try to get the attention of her by exploring within. This will come out as a general loving innocence which expects nothing but just to grab her attention.

7. The ultimate hope of having someone in future make you  feel perfect, in a conventional sense: All those romantic  love songs will make your hope alive and you start relating it with; ‘Kehte hai khuda ne iss jahan mein sabhi ke liea kis ne kisi ko hai banaya har kise ke liea.’

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