With “Women Empowerment” being the most talked about topic nowadays, in some way or the other, it pops out in almost all conversations. Be it with friends, family or acquaintances, there would be varieties of comments and takes on it, but the basic understanding about it still seems to be blurred among many. It is more of a feeling than a phenomenon. Here are the most important factors that make an empowered woman.
Gender Equality:
Women feel most empowered when they are treated equally as men, not less or more. Be it home or a workplace. They taste success when given equal rights in taking any decision in life without giving the tag of “superior being” to either of the sexes.

Women Education
Getting basic education is everyone’s right, irrespective of sexes. Proper education paves the way towards their financial independence which in turn empowers them against all odds.


Financial Independence
Gone are those days, when they used to look for partners with a fat salary. Time has changed and so has changed their outlook. For they feel confident and content in sharing expenses of the house with their spouses and coining the phrase “man & woman of the house”, thrashing the old “man of the house” saying.


Getting rid of the taboos related to womanhood
It’s the 21st century and still things like menstruation and sexual expression of a woman are big taboos. Yes, they bleed because they have the power of giving birth to a new life. Deal with it as this doesn’t embarrass them a bit anymore. Rather they count it as a blessing and strength as well.


Freedom of speech & expression
Freedom, to them, is just not limited to take up a career or wear clothes of their choice. It is more of speaking their minds and having an individual opinion about everything, without the consciousness of being a woman.


Our dignity is in our hands and not yours!
They believe that it all depends on oneself how one is treated. They know how to behave responsibly and believe in earning respect and not enforcing it. As far as empowerment is considered, their dignity and self-respect work wonders.

Young woman using mobile telephone, smiling, close-up

Young woman using mobile telephone, smiling, close-up

Not to be judged only because I am a woman
They have raised way beyond the saying “She is a girl. It’s not possible for her”. They hate it even more when someone judges her by the cigarette or the glass of wine she holds in her hand. Had it been a man, that would have been termed “classy and sexy”. To choose what to do without being judged empowers them too.


Women empowerment is more of a feeling than a phenomenon. As human reactions and feelings cannot be generalized, so the very understanding and the feeling related to women empowerment varies from person to person. But there are certain common grounds too, that can’t be ignored. But I am sure something that every woman feels, is that it is a celebration of womanhood.

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