Men are strange creatures although not as strange as Women. Women are hard to judge and manipulate and you would never know the secret to make them happy. But Men literally come with a manual which is pretty easy to read and follow. No, you cannot give a Man a love letter or send him flowers to make him happy (For the guys reading this, Women will do anything for a guy who gives them love letter and sends them flowers, that’s the only secret you have got). Men have different needs and if you are wondering, what can you do to make your man happy, here are the 7 tips you MUST follow to get his love forever and ever!

1. Agree to him when he says “I can fix this!”

Come on! You need to believe in him. When an electronic item or literally anything breaks in the house, he would be the first to say “Hey, I can fix this!”. All you need to do is keep your faith and inspire him to fix that item even though he has failed last 96,741 times. Always remember, success comes only after failures and your man has the ever fighting spirit even though it involves fighting with the machine and eventually breaking it off even further.

2. They will always quote movies. Get used to it!

Don’t ever dare to call this childish. Ever since the dawn of humanity and movies, Mankind has been quoting movies and it will go on till a foreseeable future. Guys just love quoting movies and frown upon anyone who doesn’t pick up on the obscure reference they just made to some random line from some random scene in any random movie. Make sure, you don’t fall in this category. You need to know the reference of every quote he spills. Get on it!

3. E-mail him the links of his favourite TV shows!

This is the key here. Always send him the link of the latest episode of his favourite TV show that is True Detective. He watches that because the show is gritty, logical and that’s what adults do. And he is an adult, no matter what you say or what you think. Just make sure you don’t send him the links of those love-fanatic movies. He is not one of those, he is a real man. If you had have wanted some one like those, you would have dated a model. Wait! Why are you dating him, again?

4. Men like two things: Sex and Food!

Men are extremely simple creatures. They wouldn’t want anything at all if you give them Sex or Food. . Men love Sex and Men love snacks. And if you can give them both, you are on a roll. Just after you are done with sex, roll out of bed and make him a delicious chicken sandwich dipped in cream sauce and you have won his heart forever.

5. Golden Rule: You cannot make fun of his best friend!

This golden rule cannot and should never be ignored. You just have to like his best friend no matter how dumb ass or stupid he is. You can sure hate him, but he should never know about this. Treat his best friend the way you treat yours. Smile politely, laugh at their jokes, and let your hatred for them slowly consume you from the inside out, like cancer. If you win over his former fraternity brothers, you’ll win his heart. Just make sure, you maintain a line. Don’t like his best friend in a different way and never ever think of doing him. He is like a bro to you.

6. Sit quietly when he is on X-Box!

A soldier is on a mission in a highly war-affected zone. He cannot be disturbed, not even for the most important of things. What makes you think you can disturb him to do unimportant things like laundry or paying the electricity bill when he is doing much important tasks handling a battalion in Call of Duty on his X-Box! Just look at it while he does so. Don’t even speak a word. Let a man do his real work.

7. Brag about him to every one you catch an hold of:

Brag about him to everyone you meet, be it your family or friends or co-workers or his friends or his co-workers. Basically, you need to brag about your man to everyone you meet. Let them know he is taking good care of you. Buy a T-Shirt that says “I am dating a cool man with an awesome job who keeps me happy and sexually satisfied”. This is all you need to do. Nothing less is permissible.

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