How do you spend your time at home? Is it by playing outside soccer with your friends? Or Is it by talking to your family? Of course not. Whom are we kidding? You spend it on the Internet. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you have tricks that can make your experience even better? So Hop on. These are the 9 Internet tricks too awesome to be shared:

1. Found the perfect Netflix series to chill and it’s blocked?

So, You invited your crush at your place to “Netflix and Chill”, even found the perfect series to start with, but what a shame! It’s blocked. Well, There is a way out and that’s not getting directly to the “chill”, that would be weird.

Firefox and Google Chrome offer a free extension called Media Hint that can have you watching your favorite TV series even if it’s banned in your country.

There. Problem Solved!

2. Found the apt YouTube Video to watch all alone and it’s banned?

The first point could or could not cater to your needs. So, let’s talk about “You” now. You are browsing through YouTube coming across a variety of videos and suddenly you found the one! You open it in complete excitement and alas, it’s banned in your country. What would you do now?

Download a Google Chrome extension for “Hola” that lets yoy switch you to a different proxy from different country and voila, you can watch these videos now.

3. An easy guide to download music!

We all love music and it’s sheer disappointment when you can’t that great track you heard last night in the bar online. Since, you are so petty that you are not gonna buy the music, here is an easy alternative to downloading it:

Type -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “NAME OF THE TRACK” into a google search bar.

4. A site that has right-click disabled? and you can’t steal stuff?

You have a major project to submit tomorrow and you finally found the site you dreamed of! But It has it’s right-clicked disabled and you can’t copy stuff from there? Don’t you worry child!


Putting the above-written code into Address Bar(URL bar) after the URL re-enables browser right click.

5. Do you open many tabs at once on Chrome?

Let’s just assume you are not an easy pleaser. You open up several tabs at once because you are a badass or whatever. But Isn’t it hard to switch tabs once you have opened like 15 tabs? Here’s the trick.CTRL + w closes the current tab.

CTRL +1/2/3/4…. goes to the respective tab and CTRL+ W closes the current tab. It’s also worth noting that CTRL+9 will go to the last tab, not the 9th tab. Unless the 9th tab is the last tab… then it will.

6. You don’t have to type WWW every time!

Ain’t it boring business to type www. and .com everytime you try to open a site. Well, here’s a shortcut:

Type the site name which you want to open and press CTRL+ Enter. It would automatically do the job for you.

7. Do you want to delete a particular sentence but want it quick?

There are times when you are writing something and then a sentence goes horribly wrong. But you have to be careful about using backspace since it either is too slow or too fast to delete everything. Use this trick:

You can delete one word at a time by using CTRL+ Backspace, unlike just Backspace which deletes one character a time.

8. Use Bing for video search!

Do you want to watch a video but you are not pretty sure of what it is going to be? You know what we are talking about. Porn Of course.

Use Bing for watching videos online. It has a much better video search than Google and you are most probably going to find what you wanted.

9. The ability to Google!

If you are using the Internet, the first thing you should know is how to Google effectively. It might seem like an easy task, but knowing some Google tricks can literally change the way you search:

Google Tips that will change the way you search!

I guess we have changed the way you look at The Internet. Haven’t we?

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