College life is definitely tiring. or maybe full of troubles. But It sure is a whole lot of fun and frolic. However, there are sometimes which you wish could have passed much easier. Here are some typical college moments described by Sponge bob pictures:

1. When you wake up at 3 AM to do your pending assignments!

2. When someone reminds you of the ongoing test in the middle of you doing your business!

3. When you did nothing for the first 4 months of the semester and then get your exam schedule!

4. When you are being roasted by your professor but your result is dependent on him!

5. When no one from your class knows nothing!

6. When you accidentally walk into the wrong classroom!

7. When you just started sleeping and remember about your pending assignment!

8. When your friends ask you to give a party!

9. When you are 3 months sober and someone invites you to a bar!

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