Once upon a time, someone fell in love. And like any love story, there has to be a villain. This time, Distance decided to mess with them.

In these technologically rushed times, staying connected is more of a lifestyle than a benefit of science. Our grandparents and previous generations, who are still coming to terms with most of it, would have done a lot of things quite differently if they had the same tools at their disposal. One of those things is love.

Just imagine, would Romeo and Juliet have had life much easier if they could communicate freely? How many lovers would have had it better if they had instant messaging Whatsapp instead of love letters? Distance would have been a much less powerful villain in fairy tale love stories.

The thing is, distance doesn’t give two cents about technology and the age.

That’s right and you know it. Long distance relationships are still swinging over the fate of love stories in all their glory. Not to say that couples aren’t trying. Personal experience speaking here guys. What about your experience? Aren’t there certain things that are just too familiar, like these:-

1. There is an unbreakable bond between you and your love. It’s called Skype.

    Yes, whether you agree or not, your relationship is a threesome. You, your loved one, and unavoidable fluctuating intermediary Skype. From shared cooking to falling asleep to ahem!, Skype lets you do it all as good as it can get. It’s true that we have alternatives like hangouts and facebook video calls now, but nothing like the original, eh?



2. And the rest of your technology arsenal: Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber etc.It is ironic, though, how phone calls seem to have reduced. Is internet neutrality to blame?




3. The Late nights: Be it Skype, Viber, Whatsapp call or the good old phone call, late night conversations are a quintessential element of a long distance relationship. With little or no conversation during the day, you just can’t stop sharing your entire day’s happenings and listening to theirs. The fact that your roommate’s asleep does kinda help. Alarm clocks were invented for a reason, weren’t they?



4. The Food questions!Dinner kia? Lunch kia tumne? Kya khaya? What did you eat for breakfast? A day in a long distance relationship is incomplete without such Gastronomic interrogation.


5. The colleague/classmate: It doesn’t matter how considerate and calm headed you are, there will always be that one, if not more, office colleague or classmate that hangs around your loved one that you cannot tolerate. Be it their tendency to ‘playfully’ flirt with them or be it their sticky nature, you have definitely wished the worst for this person. And your loved one knows it.



6. The Regular breakups: If you are in a long distance relationship, chances are, you have already broken up once or more with the person you currently are with. Those heated arguments, combined with a sense of distance and helplessness, aren’t really the ideal combo for a nice conversation. You decide that this is it, you can’t take it anymore, only to see their message the next morning and not being able to hold yourself back


7. Counting the days on social media. And letting the world know once you’re there (or they’re here!)2 Days to go… Can’t wait! We have all been guilty of putting up such a status, impatient to the core to meet our loved one after god-frickin-knows how long! Sure feels like ages. And once you’re there, you can never take too many pictures. Btw, you also get to know that those emotional separation scenes at railway stations and airports aren’t always only in movies. Hint: It’s not the expensive flight tickets or the horrible trains that are making those eyes moisten up.




8. Couples hurt.Suddenly, you see pairs everywhere. On the bus, at college or in office, on billboards and movie posters, and even those two birds on your windowsill. And you feel like each and every one of them should just disappear from the face of earth. Or be forced to live 1000 miles apart!



9. And the Love Grows.It might be the most cursed form of a relationship to exist. Yet it cannot be denied, that it brings you two closer and makes you realise your value. After a long time, all your plans to stay and live together are much more realistic. You begin to notice all the nuances that you miss. And last but not the least, when the distance goes away, boy you should see the love!




So if you’re one of the many couples currently in the throes of a long distance relationship, and miss your other half all the more after reading this, pick up that phone, give them a call and share all that love.

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