We all have been in this situation. We always meet someone who is either a die-hard Modi fan, AAP fanatic and some endangered species who are a fan of Rahul Gandhi. But it’s not about knowing which of the three leaders is the best, it’s about winning the debate no matter which side you are in. It definitely sounds like an uphill task but once you know the secrets, it is child’s play. So, here is the 3 step guide to winning every political debate you have been in:

1. Shout out…loud!

Do you know how lawyers are so successful in their profession? Right. They know how to yell with the appropriate loudness at the apt time. The key to a good shouting lies in its timing. If you wish to nail every political debate, you need to master this skill as soon as possible. Now there are two types of yelling, one in which you increase your tone gradually and reach the maximum tone eventually. This holds good for people who have strong and valid points. Since you are engaging in a political debate, it is hardly your case. You hardly talk any sense and all your points are bullshit. In that case, the second kind of yelling holds good. To master this form, you need to pay attention to every trivial detail. You start with a normal tone of voice but all of a sudden, you burst and you yell. This kind of yelling has been studied to leave a greater impact on the listener and you will be one step closer to winning the debate.

2. Secretly pull out their failures both on personal and professional level:

The key to a good debate lies in facts and figures. Before you jump into any political discussion, make sure you know your opposition pretty well. This will do half your job. Now, you recall each of their failures and keep them ready, they can come handy anytime soon. Most part of your job is done here. The last part would be to shove these facts on their face without giving them any time to explain or debate about it. Talk about their professional failures and just keep talking about them. If, by chance, it doesn’t work for you, feel free to go down to their personal levels. This might sound a bit rude or unprofessional,┬ábut why do you care? Once you go into their personal background, there is no possible way that you can lose the debate. Another important┬ápart as we have already discussed is to not giving your opponent any time to have a discussion. A debate is called a debate for a reason, it’s not called discussion because you can through anything you want on the opponent’s face without lowering your level of voice.

3. If you have still not won, Stop arguing about this nonsense, you dumbass!

After all this nonsense, let’s hear the truth. Maybe your opponent is right, you could let him win because it really doesn’t matter, does it? Go home and cry about it.


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