Had it been a time 6-7 years ago, the things that I would have said to my 13-year-old would have been entirely different. The world sees a new sunrise today and an entirely altered sunset. The time that probably I have my 13-year-old, I would have lived four decades of my life. However, this is to my 13-year-old today. This is to today’s 13-year-old, a baffled young soul standing at the doorstep of adolescence. This is to those millions of little ones who were kids till 12 and suddenly they’ve become adolescents, a rave different from toddlers. This is to their dilemmas and wilderness. And to my little yet grown up 13-year-old I would say:-

1. Managing a growing up a child isn’t a handy job. So, give me a proper chance that I require. Don’t hurry up on your conclusions regarding my parenting.

2. All glossy things don’t lose their lustre. So, go out there and experiment. But, make sure you learn to not commit the same mistake again and come out as a better person that the time you went. Repetitive mistakes become habits.

3. I might misunderstand you at times, hurl at you and misinterpret your words. Don’t get wild, be a little patient after all even I’m a human and learning.

4. Parenting is going to be a mutual effort. I’ll try and come down to your level and perhaps you can just try a little. My little, don’t stress yourself.

5. Your friends at this stage might make you the happiest and secured but remember they aren’t the only people worth your trust. After all, even they are growing up and nearly of the same intellect. Keep me in your loop.

6. Learn to trust people not because I say so but because it is the first step to building relations. Just because someone wasn’t worth it, not everyone is alike.

7. Be vigilant for yourself and know that you are the most precious for me. My life is you and ultimately what you become is me.

8. Commit blunders confidently but confront it in front of me always. Not many people accept their mistakes and that makes all the difference.

9. Draw a line for people to poke in your life. Be happy because you makes yourself so and not because others too.

10. Crushes and infatuation are natural and great. Be infatuated but don’t let your innocence be murdered by hormonal upsurges.

11. Love is a great feeling and so are other feelings too. Don’t hold them back, in fact, talk them out with me and I’ll be there.

12. You are at your hormonal peak. Hence, you are bound to be intrigued by many things. Be wise and think when you choose. Pick smart.

13. If in doubt, clear it in the earnest with me. Doubts of this age lead to catastrophic disasters later.

14. If curious, to know, ask me or a right source. In the garb of learning something, don’t fall victim to a deep-seated trap.

15. Read and explore. Go out and talk to people. Knowing how the world is around will channelise tour energy.

16. Being a 13-year-old isn’t easy at all and so, appreciate yourself. I love you and I’m proud of who you are. Pick up hobbies and invest your time, energy in them.

17. Discuss with me about anything. Nothing is awkward between a mother and a child. After all, I brought you to this world. I have the right to pacify the storm in you.

18. Don’t shy away from breaking the league. Explore yourself and know what you are good at.

19. Know that technology is great and being social is also fabulous but it shouldn’t take away the essence if living life from you. That makes you anti-social.

20. Talking at late hours during the night is blissful and I have no problem with it but it shouldn’t hamper with your peace of mind and being.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow your mother is going to stay the same. You are my kid and I’m simply proud of it. Just be original.

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