A letter to my ‘AM-bitichious‘ wife!

I hope you had a great day, today in your office.
Well! How about a dinner for the weekend at the newly opened restaurant. I probably never outburst my feelings for you, for your ambition and for handling financial things but I’m always overwhelmed to be with you. I feel extremely glad when I see you back in sweat drenched attire and how I visualize a small being alike YOU! Yes, our baby girl…(you know how much I’m excited to have a daughter like you).

Yes, my dear spouse, I would like my daughter to be like you when she grows up. I want her to be like you, the way you usher love and compassion on your parents. I genuinely adore how you soulfully accomplish your responsibilities and also fulfill liabilities.
‘Sharing is caring’ and who else proves it better than you. I am fully aware how much uncle- aunty comprised for you. To make you a person independent yet integrated. Well! I know that you can never pay back as much as they did for you. I am also aware that I did nothing to help you for earning this salary. But my dear, I respect you as a whole. They way you broke the concept of ‘PRAYA-DHAN’ is highly commendable. A liable and responsible human being as whole, who has a powerful carrer and a loving paternal and maternal home. A personification of power and poise embedded in a beautiful human.

We are sharing our lives with full mutual understanding *touchwood*. But I know that well, you get to share with your parents who inspired you every moment when your intricacies and failures drives you crazy. You have earned this salary with all efforts and knowledge, but half of those things were a gift from your parents. From their love and gratitude. Well I don’t know from the point of view of this stereotypical society but in a landmark judgment from court, you are fully responsible to take care of your family mentally as well as financially. Hahaha! As you say some notions of this society are meant to be broken.
Dear, the way you nurture your and my parents with monetary and mental support, I fall short of my breath to learn how insanely sane are you to balance the extremities in one. The perfect blend of a daughter and daughter in law, and in a few days, a daughter and mother too. I aspire to be as strong as you are when you would bear our child- not for the gratitude of sharing blood to another new body, but because how lucky she would be to have a mother and mentor amalgamated in one.
So far in this journey, we have loved each other and each others motives. I hope we respect each other to allow ourselves the same way in future. You know, being with you could have been the best lesson that has been gifted to me by life. With heart full of gratitude and love…
Yours and only yours
Soul mate… the one
Who is imbibed in
YOU for a brighter US!

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