What you wear is one’s own choice, being molested or raped based on it isn’t

I have been born and brought up in Bangalore and this city has always been safe to its nature, people, animals, things etc. But, over the years the rapid growth has just brought about many negative aspects.

One such is the Bangalore molestation that happened during ‘New Year’s Eve’ when several women were groped, molested and abused by many men who were part of the crowd that celebrated New Years in MG Road on 31st December 2016.

After this incident was brought to light by the media, it’s just a mere topic to be discussed on the lines of “TRP” rather than rooting the cause.
When several women and organisation are fighting for the rights and freedom to be an independent woman. Incidents like this tar the growth.

Frankly, I being a guy feel unsafe, let alone the women. The number of incidents that I have seen and being directly involved with tortures my mindset whenever I plan to go out.

I totally agree we have the greatest good and the darkest bad. But, over the years things have tilted over badly.

Just walk with a girl on the streets and you have all kinds of guys ranting whatever comes to their mind regardless if they are educated or not. I see the sole source being not morally educated and the other desperate.

Social media is one big cause I feel for this rage. You would ask me how?

It’s so simple I take pictures of girls who wish to model or just some friends who are girls and I have tonnes of messages in all my social media accounts asking me weird questions.

I have seen some many anonymous posts or direct posts on various apps. By so called ‘Men’ from our country stating things like ‘If India was like foreign we would never rape or molest’.

‘If Indian women wore ‘clothes’ that were according to culture or traditions, we wouldn’t be tempted’

‘She is a Bitch because she is showing her body wearing tank tops and shorts’.



This is just a lot of the many that have come up with reasons to defend the acts which they think is necessary to keep the culture, tradition and women at bay.

Talking to a few in the city I have realised how many Naïve people I know as acquaintance because they concluded by saying ‘Those girls deserve it and much us simple because they are wearing clothes that are ‘Sex’ and promotes men to simply be men.

Yes, that’s right they said ‘SEX’ and couldn’t even get the word ‘SEXY’.

This article doesn’t look into taking sides or proving all guys are bad. It is simple unearthing how much of understanding most have, to begin with.

I have seen ‘WOMEN’ themselves see girls wearing short skirts and crop top and calling them ‘Sluts, whore and so on’ but the same women encourage their daughters to do the so-called ‘Trend’.

Till we have such double standards and claim its fine if I do it, will end in results like this. It is so hard for me to wish many of the girls I know being shocked with such events but I also know they are not such who would go down without a fight.
This city is always been friendly towards women. But, I think it needs to get stronger and more open about things. A few changes would do the trick.

I request men who gawk at women to just think twice before doing so. Yes, it’s your right to see whatever you wish but what lies in your mind should sound pure.

Cops have always left us high and dry when needed the most but don’t mean everyone is that way. I know it’s hard for girls to approach and complaint but they should do it just to end this madness.

Carrying sprays, having emergency numbers and maybe having some guy along till you reach your home won’t hurt you.

Most important is never to think you’re a victim of what you wore and shell yourself.

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