Dating and relationships have become so common, people all around have a companion to share their lives and emotions with. Love has become so vast, and the concept has only kept on getting more complicated. To add a little to the complications, we have the concept of “Online Dating”, with an optimistic viewpoint.

So, here are 8 things people dating online can relate to.

1. Social media becomes your new best friend!
Because your special someone is only available on your social networking site, you are always excited to come online and chat, and you end up staying online almost all the time.

2. Posting pictures becomeĀ an all new excitement!
Until and unless you’re lying about your looks tongue emoticon you’re excited to post your best pictures online so that your partner falls short of adjectives to compliment you.

3. Decency at an all new level!
Because you do not meet your other half in person, you cannot afford to have fights over petty things. So you bring out the most decent person in you to always keep your partner happy and not let them have complaints about the way you talk or the things you say. You try and bring out the best in you when you chat.

4. Resistance becomes a form of action!
On one hand, you’re really desperate to meet the one you’re dating online, and, on the other hand, you do not want to sound desperate and break the ‘space treaty’ so you eventually learn to resist and speak the least about meeting up until you find the other person comfortable enough.

5. You learn to trust more!
You know you’re being 100% honest about yourself and about your commitment, so instead of doubting your partner, you trust them completely (you might break your heart, but let’s be optimistic). So even though you haven’t met, you develop a strong bond of trust.

6. You reach that level of comfort!
After being in an online relationship with someone for a while, you reach a level of comfort with them where you can talk anything and everything to them, no matter you have met or not. From telling them about everything that happened in your day to sharing your darkest secrets with them, they know it all.

7. When you finally plan to meet!
That excitement of meeting your online partner for the first time is totally on a different level. The happiness is something that cannot be described. When you have already fallen in love and then meet each other, it’s the most special thing. Although you might have had video chats, seeing each other face to face is a completely different feeling. You have only talked till then, still you find it hard to say anything at all, and stand there spellbound seeing the one you’ve loved for a long time, for the very first time.

8. An all new experience, all over again
After you’ve met, nothing seems the same. The online relationship suddenly becomes a normal relationship, but with that previous essence. And things only change for the better.

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