Each one of us looks for “that special one” all our lives. Some are lucky to meet that person quite early in their lives and some stay unlucky all their lives. Once they settle down, all they can think is of imagining their life together and staying together till the end.

Kristie and Tavis were lucky enough to find just that. And in this video, produced by Cut and Field Day, they get to see exactly what that will look like.¬†Using prosthetic makeup, a team of professionals gave them extreme “makeolders” and, while the couple got a kick out of seeing themselves look older, the experience ended up being, even more, emotional than they expected.

This is them at 50 years:

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This is them at 70 years:

They got very emotional seeing each other at 90 years:

Watch this beautiful tribute to this divine love and make sure you grab a box of tissues.



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