If you are reading this, there is a very high chance that you are an engineer from India.We all have been taught ABC in our primary school, but do we know ABC stands for in an Indian Engineering college? Find out here:

1. A is for Alcohol which you will probably drink a lot!

2. B is for Beer because it cannot be counted under alcohol, right?

3. C is for classes which you will probably miss a lot!

4. D is for Drawing. You remember engineering drawing, right?

5. E is for eating. What else are you gonna do?

6. F is for fresher with a lot of false hopes.

7. G is for graduating! It happens so fast, Doesn’t it?

8. H is for High. Not related to the altitude.

9. I is for Illusion. Illusion of getting a girlfriend.

10. J is for Joke. Not the nerdy ones. We are talking about your life here.

11. K is for Killing. Time of course!

12. L is for Labour! Obviously you feel like one after workshop in your Khakhee uniform!

13. M is for Money. Not the earning part, but the lending.

14. N is for Night. Not one night stands! Nights before exam which you spent studying.

15. O is for Old Monk! What could ever replace that?

16. P is for Papa! Papa, please paise transfer kar do na!

17. Q is for Quizzes which you are gonna get a lot!

18. R is for Ragging because seniors always find a way!

19. S is for Sex. Never mind. It was just to remind you of your miserable life!

20. T is for Tired. Because you will always be tired.

21. U is for Urgent. Because apparently everything you do in an engineering college is “urgent”

22. V is for Vacation. The long never ending boring vacation!

23. W is for Watchman. Because they helped you sneak in when you were fully loaded. Remember?

24. X is for X-rays. Yes! Your X-Ray eyes that could scan every possible girl in every possible location.

25. Y is for Youth. And you made the best out of it.

26. Z is for Zero. Zero marks and Zero Job Prospects!

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