About Us

Who are we?

We are a bunch of people divided by different roofs and environments united by the common force of creativity. We aim at making a positive impact on society, even though we’re a little far off right now. Writers, designers, and marketing team have we, all bound by the agony of being underpaid!

What do we do?

A fairly unusual combination of the words Skit and Hub has baffled people over the years, but for reasons unknown to us, we’ve chosen to keep it that way. Besides, some questions are best left unanswered after all. We’re the Skit Hub Team and are here to entertain you to the best of our abilities, all whilst rattling your brain.

Here, at Skit Hub we focus on writing articles that redefine society and how you can make a change in your own little way. We’re going to tickle your funny bone until the joke’s on you! There’s a high chance we’re going to poke fun at your mysterious ways, because judgemental by nature we are! Who doesn’t like a little derision right, all in good fun of course! We’ve been there, done that, and now the spotlight is on you!

So buckle up and prepare yourself for one hell of a ride. Welcome to Skit Hub!