Dear Prime minister of India,

Today, people of Nepal are celebrating the historic moment of the Constitution being promulgated by the power of people for the first time in the history of Nepal. This was the dream hatched about seven decades ago and materialized today. Unfortunately, we are dismayed to see that you are dissatisfied with this achievement of Nepalese people. Let me humbly say that this doesn’t suit to the stature of a person like you. Yes, of course, there are some voices of dissent surfacing in Nepal. But be reminded that when Constitution was drafted under the leadership of Nelson Mandela ( an icon in the global political arena) in South Africa, there were tons of dissenting voices. And please also look back into the history of your own nation. Everyone knows that your constitution back then had garnered a support only from 60 percent of people. Right now in Nepal, the new Constitution enjoys the support of more than 90 percent as measured by the elected representatives. Even if there are some lapses in the constitution, Nepalese people will correct them over time. Before you provoke the riots in Nepal, please let me bring your attention to some issues like Jambu-Kashmir, Indian Maoist insurgency, Gorkhaland movement and so on. It will be wise of you to be focused on how to resolve these issues rather than how to pass your preaching to Nepal. On top of that, about 400 million people in your country defecate under the open sky. Please make arrangement of basic toilet facilities for them. Millions of people in your country die owing to the lack of basic medication. Please make sure that you have a proper health system in place accessible to everyone. Millions of slumdogs in your country live a hellish life. Please ensure that everyone in your country has a decent house to live in. The list will be on and on. Our constitution promulgated just now may not be perfect but we believe that it is relatively good. If you don’t believe me, you can request the world community to form an independent panel and have them make a comparative study of your Constitution drafted more than six decades ago and amended scores of times, and our constitution drafted just now. The panel will easily arrive at a conclusion that our constitution is way more progressive and more inclusive than yours. Let me finally reiterate that you should make sure that your fingers are clean before you point at others. PLEASE MIND YOUR BUSINESS SO WE SHALL NOT MIND YOU.


Raj Adhikari Kailash

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