I am a common citizen and do not belong to any political party. I do not understand the nuances of politics and neither am I interested. All that I know, that irrespective of my religion and my ideas, I am an Indian. I love my mother country and whoever raises slogans like

Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung rahegi, jung rahegi


India, Go back

are ANTI NATIONAL to me, period.

Contrary to what our well-read Harshit Agarwal from JNU feels and explains, I need to clear here that if not from JNU, there are millions of well-read and intelligent people across our nation, who feel that Mr. Agarwal we understand Hindi equally well and the slogans that have been raised reflect no good intentions. It means exactly the same when someone comes to your house and challenges you “Tere ghar ki barbaadi tak meri jung chalegi”! Am not sure if you would be happy with that! So, endless explanations with twisted words will definitely not work here.

It’s not about on whose money the University is running on, it’s about why we send our children to one of the prestigious University that’s being nurtured on the hard money of the Indian citizens. Why do parents send their bright children to a prestigious University? Am not sure about the parents of these students, but for me, if a student is interested in politics it should be for the nation’s welfare and not to fuel any kind of anti-social behavior! For me, you can make a difference to the nation by graduating from the same university respectfully, and become a better human being. If you really want to make a difference, indulge in activities that bring a difference to people’s life, peacefully and not by deterring and creating an imbalance in the nation’s unity and integrity.

From the way Kumar held the meeting on February 9, very soon you may see this man joining some political party or creating one of his own. In fact, that’s the ultimate aim of most of the vocally aggressive so-called student leaders of this nation and then the whole purpose of social welfare gets lost somewhere. While Kumar asks a question why Kasab or Afzal Guru turned what they were, why doesn’t he ask those soldiers dying each day on the border on why do they lay their lives for the nation and what are their reasons to do so?

So, in short the people who die for this country are idiots and we should rather encourage more people like Kasab and Afzal Guru because they have some personal agenda to divide this country? Well, dear Mr. Kumar, our soldiers sadly do not have any personal agenda and they rather selflessly protect the nation so that a moron like you can stand today and freely give away politically instigating speeches for some of your personal interest. And yes, if this nation has been really following the Hitler concept on racism, then Narendra Modi would not be the Prime Minister of this great nation or you wouldn’t be talking of the Indian constitution by Babasaheb Ambedkar which is effective even today.

Talking of “freedom of expression” there was an amendment to the “freedom of speech and expression” by the first Government of independent India which goes as:

  • Section 153A: Deals with words, spoken or written, or representations that promote disharmony and feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will between groups. The penalty is 3 years in jail and/or fine.
  • Criminalises “deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings, including words, signs, visible representations”; entails 3 years and/or fine.
  • Section 298: Penalises the “utterance of words” that might hurt the religious feelings of any person; the penalty is 1 year and/or fine.
  • There are other laws including the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act of 1986, and the SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act enacted to protect specific sections from representations and speech which they find offensive or which mocks or insults them.

Know more on this at Link 

Kumar, as you talk of what Babasaheb Ambedkar said, he also said: “the Schedule castes should give up their political aloofness and co-operate with other communities…” http://www.freepressjournal.in/the-constitution-of-india-role-of-dr-b-r-ambedkar/436676 . As you claim to be a patriot too, feel for your own mother and stand by your parents, you should then understand that standing by your mother (who is also the country evidently) at all situations is your duty too. However, as any unruly child who is punished by their parents, you should be punished too for inflammatory speeches according to the Constitution of India. So, my question to Kumar is, if you become a leader tomorrow (high chances!) would you prefer to become an Indian leader or shake hands with some other country? Would you follow the Constitution of India or divide India, build your own nation and make your own constitution?

Umar Khalid, a known perpetrator who has a history of sticking naked posters of Hindu God and Goddesses in the past and even initiated the celebration of the killing of 76 CRPF jawans along with a mourning session for Afzal Guru back in 2010, evidently led this program as well! As for Afzal Guru’s hanging, any judgment passed by the Supreme Court of India and sealed by the Government of India has to be on some basis which, as real Indian nationals we should accept with all humility and respect. Anything against the Government or the constitution is called “Anti-Nationalism”.

Yes with this, the traitors have indeed succeeded to split the nation into two with some intellectual morons supporting the Anti-India move in the name of democracy. Would you be able to raise such anti-national slogans in any other country?? Is it right for the opposition to support such a movement for their own selfish purpose? Shouldn’t we all be united at this time and save the nation from getting divided? Mr. Harshit Agarwal, these are the “golden ideas” of certain JNU students and faculty that has suddenly become fatal for the nation and it did not even require arms!

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