August- The eighth month of the year but probably not the 8th time you would be talking about to-do lists. Now a days it is very common to have ‘to-dos’ but very often we fail to get them converted in “done” list. We forget about most of our goals and the search for a new start goes on. No matter you failed to have a new start or you will be starting soon, here is why this August is the best time for you regarding same. Yes….you got it right. It is best for anything and everything.

1.August Represent struggles:-

India’s independence to Quit India movement and many more freedom struggles all share same month- August. And we all know how struggles brick life, So struggle hard this august and yes, don’t forget 15th of August, the biggest sign of India’s and Indians struggle. This is the need of an hour.

2. It has future contained in it:-

Remember 6th and 9th of August 1945??? Two of the most terrible days in world’s history. Nuclear weapons that were first used in those attacks depicts today’s world. Countries having more and more nuclear weapons are respected everywhere. So it is clear August inks future in a different way. Now it’s your time to have your future written with August.

3.Perfect weather:-

Weather is perfect for a new start, isn’t it? After spring, Monsoon is probably the best season for everyone which is neither too hot nor cold. In addition, there is cloudy sky to make your life guessing. So move on…and be punctual please.

4.And it has brilliance connected with it.

Can you guess what Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa have in common? They all were born in August. But how does that even make sense?

Well, It does. All your life, you keep for correlations to make you feel better, here is another one for you. August has given life to some important lives, it can for sure give a new spark to your dream as well.

It’s now or never. So start now, start afresh, start anew.

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