Abhishek Pathak

Being an avid writer, he has a great taste for music, photography and reading novels.

Adwitiya Dixit

Insomniac, pyromaniac, selenophile, nyectophile. Haywire. A perfectly concocted cocktail of a student, a writer and a professional. The most informally formal person you can come across. OCW. Obsessive Compulsive Writer.

Apoorvi Singh

College student. Aspiring doctor. Wannabe writer. Thinks she's funny, and smarter than everyone else. A little obsessive compulsive. Also, a human being.


What do you get when you add a writer, a reader, a dancer, a sketch maker, a traveler and a painful lack of time and money to do any of the above? A jack of most trades with a penny for none. That's right. Me.


I write. Therefore, I am.

Dipika Pathak

Are you of the same opinion that 24hrs are good enough to be called just a half day?

Gopal Kumar

Writing is first teenage crush for him. Now In love for it. Firmly believes writing is done with soul and not with pen. He is a College student, badminton enthusiast and for sure an aspiring writer.

S.N.T Kalyani

If you really wanna get to know me, read my articles because I pour a little bit of myself in each one of them ;-) and I am a veterinary student btw

Madhuparna Roy Sukul

I am a writer and a blogger who found her passion one fine morning and since then there has been no looking back. Indulging in culinary activities relaxes me when I am not writing..

Meghna Srivastava

A medico by degree, a blogger by heart, an ambivert by nature. When not working, this big time procrastinator loves to be on a clicking spree, writing her thoughts away, doodling her favourite anime character, posting on Instagram or simply sitting in front of a computer screen surfing all day long.


Any Prachi.


Sociologist by academia and Instructional Writer/Designer by profession.

Sana Fatima

Simple Human Being trying to carve a niche in this giant world. Badly regret being an Adult and dread becoming Old ! Dentist by profession. You won't get my Humor ! Brown-eyed, expect the unexpected, Capricorn and Sarcastic..!

Shagun Rishi

An avid reader and social media addict, Shagun makes the best of it by combining both her hobbies. Sarcasm and humor are her best weapons which she loves using in her blogs. Did we mention that she also loves taking gazzilion selfies?


I might agree with you. I might not. But I will always make fun of you. Captain of The Procrastination Army.

Shreyy Ghosh

Reader by day, Writer by night, (not just another) Journalist, Media Student, Blogger. Have been privileged to work as a freelance writer for the Times Of India and a few more digital magazines. Have a special affinity for Photography and Traveling. I believe my Emotional Quotient (EQ) is greater than my Intelligence Quotient (IQ), I am a curious creature and I like people who show intelligence while speaking.


Sure about what you have in mind... be sure you cross the hare on your way up there!