It sounds weird, Doesn’t it? But I do want to be in a relationship where we  can get bored together. I don’t mind sitting in a room, watching Television and staring into nothingness because we are bored and nothing to say. I want to be in a relationship where we cook the most average recipes, laugh about it and then sleep the day off. Because that’s what life is. Life is not always about exotic vacations and intimate lovemaking. Life is a mixture of boring days combined with some special ones.

Thanks to countless Hollywood and Bollywood flicks, We have been able to glorify relationships. If it is to be believed, relationships are all about sex, visiting new places together, discovering amazing restaurants and road trips, a lot of them. But don’t they have jobs? You can’t just go on thousand road trips and have sex all day long. That’s just unrealistic.

And speaking of which, unrealism does have pretty harmful implications as well. We are social  creatures and we get influenced by things happening around us. And movies play quite an important role in setting up standards and our outlook on life. When we look at reel relationships being so joyful and exciting, it sets up an unrealistic expectation in our mind on how relationships should look like.

And that’s not how life is. Life is not all about glories and  expecting it to be the same as movies don’t make any sense. Life would have its up and downs and life would be boring at times. There would be times when you would be bored. There would be times when you would have nothing to say. And that’s perfectly fine. Because that’s what life looks like in reality.

And that doesn’t mean you are bored because of them. It just means you are bored together. You can do plenty of things like scratching each other back (like literally) or talk about poops (Because you are bored of course). It’s totally fine to accept that you are short of things to talk about. Take that as a challenge and do new things together. That’s where the real flavor of relationship comes from. It’s not from the movies where they “make love” all day long. It’s about your endless endeavor towards making it interesting.

In fact, I would go on to say that the best things are boring. It’s the boring moments where you think of a sparkling new idea or talks about things you could have never thought of. It is the boring moments where you can blabber about everything hidden inside you because at least you are talking.

Don’t  trust the movies. Trust yourself and the relationship you are in. A movie based on a hypothetical situation that glamorizes almost everything cannot teach you what’s good and bad. Trust your instincts and accept the reality. Getting bored is a part of it.

Afterall, We all have fun at exciting times and at exciting places. To know who is actually worth your time, you need to find someone you can be bored with.

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