When was the last time you felt uncomfortable?

And I am not talking about any of the awkward situations you might have found yourself stuck in, like clogging up a public toilet, waving at someone and not being attended, or the worst, stalking someone on Facebook and liking their 6 years old picture. These situations are really bad but I am not talking about any of these uncomfortable situations.

There are some uncomfortable situations which might actually serve a good purpose to your life. And this is about your career growth, personality development and most importantly getting closer to your goal.

Because you only are comfortable when you are too accustomed to the path you are walking on. To discover new ways, you have to be uncomfortable for a moment and it pays you back it an amazing view.

Discomfort acts a catalyst for your growth!

Trying something new, breaking a habit, taking a risk, or attempting things totally different from what you have done before; these things have one trait in common: discomfort. These situations are for sure not easy, in fact, it’s troubling, exhausting and involves you going completely off your comfort zone but there is something rewarding that always accompanies; a sense of relief, achievement, and happiness.

We generally find ourselves comfortable in two situations. The first is when we are too familiar with what we are doing, and completely content with it too. The second is when we are too scared to step out of our comfort zone, too skeptical to take a chance, and too doubtful of our capabilities.

The sad part is that most of us belong to the second category. We have high dreams and aspirations but we often let go of it because it just seems “too uncomfortable”.

If you feel the same, there is one thing you need to know.

Discomfort is a catalyst for growth. Whenever you are feeling a sense of discomfort, remember that you are doing something extraordinary from what an average man would do. You are taking a step forward towards success. That’s the easy way to it. Everything that you dream can be yours if you choose to do things you have always been avoiding. Don’t run away from discomfort. Be deliberate about seeking things that push you beyond your limits.

Mastering discomfort can help you master anything!

Discomfort is pretty much the master plan to achieving anything you want. It’s like the golden key which opens up all the important locks in your life. How?

When you get into the habit of attempting things out of your limit, you start embracing discomfort as your own. This is the point where you know discomfort is just a temporary phase before a beautiful closure. And this is where you get accustomed to putting yourself in situations which demand you to work more than your “obvious daily routine”.

When you start practicing your discomforts with various activities, you start being tolerant to whatever life throws at you. Even in the most anxious of moments, you learn the art of keeping yourself calm and acing it better than any average human.

Think about it. How many things were once uncomfortable for you which you now accept without difficulty?

You would see the change when you stop fearing discomfort and start taking steps to bring the much-needed transformation in your life. Are you ready to take it?


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