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In reference to the buzz on social media by the nonchalant remark of a top authority of a Temple’s foundation in Kerala, India over women’s insanity and purity during “that” time of the month is a purely blasphemous chauvinist.

Yes, we do bleed every single month but that does not at all mean we are unholy or untouchable or someone alien at that time.I completely don’t understand the concept of refraining from religious, daily household and other pious activities at this time of the month.

For people who unfortunately do not have any scientific background to this event in a girl’s body-it’s an attempt by the body to nourish the anticipated embryo/fetus. The body gathers the best blood from the system, scrutinizing all d goodness and nourishment into it in a case of fertilization (sperm fusing with the ovum) and implantation (embryo attaching to uterus wall). So by what logic we stand impure/unfit/unhealthy for any job. It’s like a routine. Come on, we are used to it when you guys are going to be?

Now the point that arises is who gave rights to such people to question on our purity over something that is planted in us by God himself? How can someone declare us unfit for certain daily chores and outcast for a week when god himself bestowed these events on us. What right do such officials have to propagate their idiocy on our means?

The person who came into limelight demanded inventions of scanners to test the purity of women whether they could be allowed inside temples or not. Such blasphemous remarks are nothing but hints of male chauvinism and patriarchy.

My answer to such people is- yes I do bleed and I’m not at all ashamed of it. I know I have the capacity to bring a life to this world because God considered “us” worthy of it and not you.

Bleeding and Proud of it.

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