What would your world be without words?

I am sure we would all have given it some thought at some point in our lives. Being a social animal, we have the utmost urge to communicate. Talking in terms of evolution, medieval humans used signals, hand gestures and random noises to communicate and transmit information. As we evolved, our ways did too and language began to play a very important role in this aspect. Eventually, every language breaks down at words; words which have the power to exhibit the deepest of emotions. I am sure you would have agreed on how words carry such a mammoth role in our lives. Without it, we would miss an entire dimension to our feelings, our thoughts, and expressions.

I can forever go on to rant about how words are important and how it eases our medium of communication but there is something more important than merely using words. It’s our choice of words. Like the title says, “Change your word, change your world“, you would be amazed to know how playful selection of words can twist your life all around.

Consider this for an example:

You and your friend have an interview coming up and you both have exactly the same preparation. Just before the interview, you meet a friend of yours who goes on to dispirit you, talk about your previous mistakes, ask you questions you obviously don’t know. On the other hand, your friend meets an old friend who motivates, empowers and talk about his previous glories.

Who do you think would have cracked the interview? It’s quite okay to guess that your friend would. Why? It’s all about “feeling good” at the moment. The words we use or are subjected to plays an important role in our lives. This is one of the many examples to how words hold the power to change worlds. The true essence of learning this fact is to improve and work on the words we use. But is it that easy?

The problem is that most often we do not choose our words consciously to describe our emotions. Any emotions we experience that are distressing, we have habitual words that we unconsciously attach to them, and the challenge, of course, is the words we attach to our experience become our experience. Words have a biochemical effect on the body. The minute you use a word like “I am doing okay” you’re going to produce a very different biochemical effect than if you say, “I am doing amazingly great”.

And it’s not very hard to see the impact it entrusts when you are talking to someone. The same exact process happens with the words that we use within ourselves, but unfortunately, we’re less conscious of its impact.

In order to live a happy and fulfilling life, it’s important to feel good about ourselves and the things we do. And the transformation is actually simpler than you think.

 Think before you speak:

Your target should be becoming conscious of whatever you speak. At first, it might seem hard and tough to implement. But with slight practice, it has an amazing power to transform your life. The best way to get it going is by looking after you say. For example, when you are about to say, “I am feeling very nervous about this“, stop yourself and acknowledge that you actually just a “bit curious” about what’s going to happen rather than being “very nervous”. Always make an effort minimize the negativity factor that you use in your words. With time, you would become a master of what to use and what not to. Similarly, when someone asks you, “How are you doing?“, say “I am doing great” instead of “I am okay“. This has the ability to pump you up or make you a bit relaxed in the first case. When we use words that are soothing, our brain automatically reacts to it and secretes hormone to make us feel in a similar way.

It’s quite amazing as to how a small change in the words we use can create a big uproar in your world. Now that you know it, why not use it to your advantage?







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