What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “relationship”? A sort of a deal where you mutually benefit from one other? Let’s just call it “love business” to make it easy going. Yes, LOVE BUSINESS.

The give and take of services for mutual profit is called business and these days,the most special feeling in the world has become a business.A business where two parties are involved -a girl and a guy. And no, I am not blaming either gender. It’s both of them. The love business has become more of a “give and take” think rather than any selfless attitude.

A girl has her needs and a guy has theirs. In today’s meaning of relationships, it’s not about “working for the team” but more about aiming for what you want in a relationship, be it physical intimacy or mere show off. None of them are actually concerned about each other.The reason being that none of them are in love. It’s not even attraction.Its mere likeness and lust confused with love.Most of the people in today’s generation have made love a game,the instruments of this game are-Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Hike, We-Chat etc. They play for a while and then move to the next one and this applies to both the parties-the girl leaves one guy,catches next and so on and the same goes for the guy until both of them are married either to each other(which is rare) or to someone else(yeah you read that right!).


Some people get bored while playing this game and so,they choose to leave the game and concentrate on their career.Only a few people are actually in love,they are the ones who know how it feels to smile for no reason,they know how the heart races when they see that someone special after a long time,their eyes get filled with tears when they remember their partner,they are always ready to overcome all the barriers in their relationship and they truly understand this auspicious feeling.But this is rare now.It was always rare.It will always remain rare.

Besides this, there are many aspects to the relationships bound with a person.Primarily,the relationship of a child with his/her parents.If you don’t respect and love your parents,then my friend,you cannot feel the same for anyone in this world.Parents are the ones who love us even when we do wrong to them,they love us unconditionally and if we don’t revert their love,we don’t deserve any.

You see,this is the purest form of love.When you are young,your parents do everything to keep you happy. This is the kind of selfless love I am talking about. A love where there are no expectations, a love where The simplest way to realise love is to feel the same for a person how you feel about your parents (if you really love and care for them)!

To understand any relationship and to get to the core of it..the basic elements needed are love, trust and understanding. Duly agreed that relationships have changed over time due to constrained time limits and space. But love hasn’t changed. It’s still the same. It still has the power to change your life and it still can make you do unbelievable things. All you need to do is “hold on”. And think for the team rather than being selfish towards your need. A relationship always involves two people. What makes you think merely thinking for yourself could build you a good relationship?

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