Choices matter, Don’t they? You preferred reading this article over listening to Swami lectures. Everyone chooses to cater to their needs and hence choice matters. And like you do, the government has a choice too. News of Brexit or Bremain will be hitting global media soon. But Gharwapsi is interesting, so let’s focus on India. Brexit is sure. Raghuram Rajan despite having ‘Ram Raj’ in his name failed to lure this “Ram loving government”. Remember 2013? Double digits inflation, higher interest rates, declining forex reserves, plunging rupee, and obviously a dwindling economic scenario was in place.

‘India is a bright spot on global map.’ – As Modiji put it on his various foreign visits. But Is it true to say that only NDA regime is responsible for this? Definitely No, As most of these defining economic tools remain with RBI. Anyway, this all is a matter of choice. Move on, Have you ever seen Chetan Chauhan on a photo shoot, that too in a well-fashioned way of colors raised and stylish denim? No marks for guessing. He soon would¬†be designing children’s future at NIFT. He recently said he has experience of 23 years in the banking sector. He would have been appointed instead of Rajan in 2013 to boost Indian economy. Someone defended his recent appointment by saying he traveled across continents and so he has much knowledge of fashions. Has he traveled more than Modi?¬†Definitely No, and that’s not very hard to guess.

By this logic, Narendra Modi would have been a better choice. It’s highly probable that this decision won’t be changed as in the case of Gajendra Chauhan and Pahlaj Nihlani of FTII & CBFC respectively. I think “Aunty National” Smriti is more competent to head FTII.

Earlier, Rajyabardhan Singh Rathore wasn’t appointed sports minister even as he was a prominent sportsperson. No, no the list isn’t over. Most importantly Law ministry lacks merit- It needs someone like Subramaniam Swamy itself. He is a great intellectual, he can handle loads of thing at the same time from National Herald case to Ram Mandir Construction. Needless to say, all above examples show how choices matter, above all we only wish that this road leads to Achhe Din at least.

Raghuram may be going back to his university but at least some like Irani has social jobs. She is now -a- days busy on correcting her spelling and improving common people’s Grammar on twitter.

Quite obvious that if choices remain of same quality then Chetan Bhagat will be made RBI Governor as AAP has said. Seriously, NDA government needs a rethink on its appointment policy otherwise India will always miss a Rajan like Ram. Surely Choices matter.

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