We all have been there. Some random friend of ours invites us to a party but lazing on your couch seems more promising. What do we do then? We come out with the most commonly used excuses anyone could ever hear. And if you still don’t know what do they mean, we are here to help you out.

Hey Dude, I got really sick. I am so sorry I can’t join you guys!

This made up excuse is a clear indication that the person has lost interest in you in all the forms, and he clearly doesn’t want to hang out with you. Just to avoid the awkwardness the telling you the truth, he comes up with this excuse. But you don’t have to worry. You have enough friends, right?


Hey Dude, really sick. I am so sorry I can’t join you guys!

The omission of the first person clearly shows his dying interested in you. If you want this relationship to go any further, respond with an apology or a typical “No worries, Next time.”


Hey Dude, really sick. I am so sorry I can’t join you!

Other than the fact that he omitted the first person here, he doesn’t even show any interest in your friends. It clearly implies either your friends are scumbags or he is. In any of these interferences, you are lucky to have such good friends.


Hey, really sick. I can’t join you guys!

Not using the first person, not acknowledging you as “dude”( while everyone clearly knows you are!), and no apology at all. This friend of yours is totally gone off limits.


Hey Dude, I got really sick. I am so sorry I can’t join u guys!

You might think this to be the same as the first excuse, but no, never make this mistake ever again. If you look closely, “you” has been written as “u”. Do you know what does that mean? Of course, you don’t. You are a loner. Misspelling you as u is a subtle way of saying “I am¬†literally doing someone else tonight as I am typing this.”


hEy dUdE, I gOt rAaLy sIcK. I aM sO soRrY I cAn’T jOiN yOu gUyS!

Do you know what causes cancer? Texts like these! Be happy that this friend of yours is not coming tonight. You don’t need him in your life. Get rid of this toxicity already.


Fuck you! I¬†wouldn’t come to your lame party

These kind of texts are a bit hard to decipher but with our help, you can finally know what it means. This “friend” of yours isn’t actually interested in you. If you try to decode it, you would understand that he is actually into you. He wants to do you. What are you waiting for, then? Go ahead. Don’t let your sexuality ruin this amazing friendship.

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