Creer Es Crear

Now this is a little Spanish quote going around and is undoubtedly the best thing which supports my theory. You probably would have no idea what does quote means but believe me, once you know, it might serve as a very important life lesson for you.

The reference to this I found out first in a short horror story, Imagining Things by T.E.D.  Klein. Do check the story out, it’s absolutely amazing. So being the philosophical soul I am I pondered upon the topic and came forth with a theory of my own which makes sense.

And is also a lot helpful if you go down the lane.

Creer Es Crear means the most beautiful thing there can be and yet can make no sense to you at all. The Spanish term means:

“To Imagine Is To Create”

Let’s all take a deep breath and soak it all in. This is a writer’s paradise. (More on this later.)

Have you ever seen someone swear about something which is impossible to occur? For examine someone complaining that they were dragged by their feet and across the room by an unseen force? Or that they were kidnapped by aliens who performed surgery on them? Or that they had an afterlife experience? Or that they saw God or someone who has been dead? A ghost? Werewolf and Zombies?

All that rambling were not fictitious but were, in fact, reports people have made in real life. Check all of them out if you don’t take my word for it.

I know that most of them are bogus but some of them cannot be dismissed as they have definitive proofs along with them. For example, the woman in the 1980s who was molested by a ghost in front of police officers, the inspiration for the novel and movie, The Entity. We have a Hindi recreation of it too. Or the man who was actually operated by someone during the time he was missing. He had a foreign object inside his body, but no signs of cuts of stitches. As if he was born with the object!

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and to ease all of your boggling minds as to what is real. Of course, there is nothing like ghosts and aliens but how do you explain what I mentioned above?

Here’s my reply: Creer Es Crear.

Whatever you believe in becomes real for you. You believe in ghosts? Well, you will see one. You believe in aliens? They are there for you. You believe they kidnap people? They might kidnap you. You believe in God? She exists for you.

And yes I believe God is female.

You will come across supernatural, paranormal and unexplained videos. And now you know the perfect explanation for it. They person who went through the ordeal  believed in that activity.

Remember, whatever you believe in becomes true to you.

To Believe Is To Create!

Be careful what you believe in.

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