Delhi Haat, a beautiful Indian crafts and food plaza which connects the nation’s diverse culture. Located right in the heart of capital Delhi, the fascinating place is a must visit. Here are 9 reasons as to why one must visit there:

Variety in Arts: Showcase of a variety of stall selling handicrafts items with more than 60 stalls, craftsmen from all the country.


Savour Indian food: Delhi Haat is a food plaza where one can get to taste the culinary delights from the different parts if the country. Must have momos from Manipur stall and panipuri from Rajasthan one. Grab it all.



A wide range of ethnic to western wear: Delhi Haat holds it all. You can get each and every type of wear for any occasion. Window shopping is an another option.Girls you gonna love it.



Reasonable Pricing: It is also a pocket-friendly place for you. Only a Rs 20/ticket for an Indian.Even at a reasonable price and after a little bargaining you could easily have the one you need.though cards are not accepted l, carry your cash.



Eco-friendly environment: The landscaping of the area incorporates colourful flowering shrubs and trees, thus the entire complex is in harmony with the environment.



Kaleidoscopic memories: Tunes of Flute, paper boats & a big Kaleidoscope – all remind of the fond childhood that we, kids of 80’s, had. Bachpan dubara jeele.



 Lift up your talent for photography: This a place for photography passionate too.just pick up the camera and click up everything making up your own small India.From fabrics to eatables just click it.



Feeling of connectedness: As a youth this place give you a feeling that how vast a culture your country, your place have. I could say best love spot for decent love. There is something about Delhi Haat that pulls you in. As somebody once sang ‘keep coming back time after time.


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