Isn’t it quite rare these days to find someone who is happy and satisfied with their life? Most of us are frustrated with something or the other.

Some are frustrated with their jobs.

Some are frustrated with their careers.

Some are frustrated with their relationships.

And then there is someone who always seems to be in a good mood, who is always joyful and who is rarely frustrated. They never seem to lose their temper and they never seem to let any negative emotions get on them. I am sure you know someone like that and meeting that person, you always end up wondering, “How can he not be frustrated?”

And then it gets you thinking,

Maybe he is a boring person who doesn’t care much about the growth in his job

Maybe he doesn’t have big dreams and hence satisfied with his career

Maybe he is an old soul who believes in doing the basic things in a relationship

But is that so? Is he really boring or are did you just find out a reason to cope up with your defense mechanism?

Talking in realistic terms, you just did that. When we try to find blame in someone else’s work, it’s just our brain trying to make us feel better and this is the biggest reason for us feeling frustrated.

But how can we not feel frustrated?

Being happy about someone else’s success:

When we see someone else succeed in their life, we immediately resort to making excuses for our inability to do it. Let’s just start changing this habit. When you make excuses, you are just lying to yourself to make yourself better. Well, you succeed in making yourself better for that instant but you are hurting yourself in the long run. The sweetest way to escape this process is to stop feeding yourself lies and accepting yourself for what you really are. You need to understand the position you are in and how you want to run your life. When someone else succeeds, be happy about it because he has just shown you the path on how to do that. Be genuinely happy for them because it’s not going to hurt you. They are living a life different from yours and it doesn’t affect you. Your life is completely different and so are your conditions. You need not worry about what others are achieving. Keep your eyes set on the target and do that with all your happiness. Don’t let other’s movement bother you for you are walking on your own path. Greet everything that comes to you with a smile and strive to do better at the same time.

Accepting yourself!

Another important reason we feel frustrated is because we are not content with what we have. We often feel our life sucks and we are not able to achieve what we want. That’s how our life progresses. Developing goals, not being to complete it and then obsessing about it for days. The more you think about it, the more frustrated you become with your life.

To change that, you just need to add one habit in your lifestyle. Acceptance. Accept yourself for whatever you are. So what you failed? So what you failed again? Even the most successful people have failed numerous times before succeeding. You can do it too. Just keep on believing in yourself and be accepting of whatever life throws at you.

Dumb it down for yourself!

Most of the times, We panic over situations or get frustrated because we are completely unaware of what’s coming for us. And humanity has forever been known to fear the unknown. However, We are not talking about aliens and time travel. It’s just a minor part of your life that’s scaring you. Try to understand the problem you are facing rather than trying to escape and be scared of it. Dumb it down for yourself. Break every complex information into smaller bits. Try breaking down your disturbing thoughts into smaller parts and deal with them one by one. Try to understand the cause of your problems and solve it in these bits.

Your life can only be frustrating when you make it so. Your thinking shapes your reality and it’s in your own hand to define how you want to live your life. Being generous and loving to yourself makes a lot of difference. Try doing that.

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