We all know this guy.  This guy is rich, this guy is good in studies, this guy is handsome, and this guy gets all the girls. And why wouldn’t he? He looks like one of those greek gods with the perfect jawline. And no matter how hard you try to find out his mistake, he still remains an exceptional person. And Did I forget to say he also plays the guitar? End of story.

And there is you. You probably are reading this article because you think you are the kind of person who hasn’t achieved quite much in life or done anything extraordinary. You identify yourself as an average person.

What exactly is being an average person?

For most of us, being an average person means doing the same boring thing that everyone else does and still not being great at us. Thinking about it, how many average people you meet every day? and what’s the probability of you meeting someone really exceptional?

I am sure you would agree to find a really exceptional guy is not a daily business. So assuming there are around 7 billion people on the planet, there would hardly be 10,000 people doing something really extraordinary. That makes the rest of them average. And it particularly means they are doing something, maybe some are better off than others but it cannot be called any exceptional.

So you are not doing really bad for yourself. Being average isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you are among many others. It’s not bad but we should try to think more in terms of ” Do we need to be average and most importantly should we be proud of it?”

Being average is a myth!

Well, myth is actually quite a strong word to use but still let’s go with it. I personally being called average or extraordinary is just hype we have developed over years. Our definition of calling something extraordinary depends on how well it has been executed. What we fail to understand is that life works on the basis of tradeoff. You need to sacrifice something in order to achieve something. You need to leave one path in order to cross another. That means you cannot be the master of all trades and that sounds genuine enough.

Some of us are born with great aptitude skills and some have amazing physical skills. Some are artistic and some are athletic. Now, this is the point where the concept of being average comes up. You might have heard of Lionel Messi and you would know many other footballers in the ground you practice.

What’s the primary difference between Messi and any common player?

Well for starters, You know just one Messi and countless “common players”. The other big thing that differentiates those players with Messi is that Messi is amazing at what he does.

But Messi is an average person too!

If we talk about Cricket, studies or aptitude, He too is an average person. What makes him different from others is the fact he is able to give his best at what he is doing. And that’s what life is about. If we constantly try to focus on what’s wrong with us, we would be pushing ourselves in the sea of mediocrity.

Only if Messi had not pursued Football, he would be called an average person like many others. But he chose the path we wanted to be in. And this is the thing you need to do too. You need to explore many paths and find out which gives you the ultimate happiness. And that doesn’t come to you by birth. You need to step out and look for yourself. You need to find out your passion.

What next?

Just keep on walking that path until you reach perfection. Keep working hard for what excites your spirit. That makes a person. To overcome the sea of mediocrity, you need to work hard for it. You need to choose the path and keep on walking. Accept the fact that you are average in other fields but also keep believing that you would be extraordinary in the path you chose for yourself. Because we all are average and extraordinary at the same time.

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