In the times of fierce competition and never ending race, we often end up finding ourselves left out in misery and sadness. Sometimes, it’s the situation which makes us sad and at other times, it’s just us. The more you try to think about it, you understand there is no concrete reason for you to be sad and yet gloominess engulfed you.

This is the time where you feel that sense of dejection and loneliness. You wonder about what you really are doing with your life and many other philosophical queries tend to swing your mind like a pendulum. You now believe nothing holds the power to make you happy, not your parents, not your family and none of your friends.

But do you remember yourself?

Our first instinct on being stuck in a situation like this is to find shelter, be it in our friends, family or badly enough drugs or alcohol. But do you remember yourself?

You are that person who knows your needs and wants in and out. You are that person who knows how to cater to your expectations. You are that person who motivates you to do better. Why do you keep forgetting yourself then?

You need to remember that YOU WOULD ALWAYS YOU! 


Now don’t get me wrong for a statement which might mean somewhat weird, it’s actually true. Aren’t your true and only love? If you don’t believe me, ask yourself.  What is love for you? And what do you really seek in a partner?

For most of us, love is seeing a reflection of ourselves in someone else and the moment we find someone narrowly closer to what you want, we fall in love. Think about it again. You are your mirror image and you have everything you want. You are indeed your true love. Why not act like it then? Start loving yourself more and start to take care of it, forgive it and love it like there is no end. You already know anything that is done in love always yields a great result. Imagine the impact when you start loving yourself.


In the times of sadness and desperation where everything in life seems like a failure, we all need someone who can motivate and inspire us to do something better. But isn’t that hard to get hold of a person like this? Forget about it. Why would you care when you have you. You know your past, you know your future and most importantly you know your caliber. Isn’t this everything needed to motivate? Since you already know everything about you, you don’t need to explain yourself everytime you seek motivation. You can do it yourself. Focus on what’s present and accept what has already passed. Failure is not hard to accept for some, but remember, you have started loving yourself to the deepest extent? You can forgive yourself and let go of it.


No matter how nice a guy you think you really are, there is always that bad guy inside our head which always plots something evil in us. In times of dejection and sadness, the bad guy inside you takes over and sprouts you with negative emotions all over. When you hand over your source of motivation and happiness to someone else, you are not handing over the bad guy to him. They don’t have any idea about how to deal with it. But there is someone who completely knows how to ignore that bad guy. It’s you. You know that guy from years now and you know his tricks and evil. It’s you who has to take charge now for the bad guy needs to shut up.

Give yourself the command to take over your happiness and you would gradually understand how easy it is to stay happy and convinced.




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