Our lives can be considered as a compilation of different stories. Stories that are written by us, directed by us and we are even the lead actors. And all these stories are so amazingly detailed, since each moment of your life is written in your story book. Even the part where we decide which character to play, even that’s dependent on you.The surprising thing is that we still manage to make our story sad and vulnerable. Are you still not happy with your story?

Well, Don’t worry about it. You are not dead yet. You still have time to change your story. Don’t like the part which you are playing? Go ahead, write a different storyline. Don’t like the star cast? Remove them from your storyline. Don’t like how the story is headed? Change the story.

When are you going to realize this? And frankly, it doesn’t even matter. Even if it’s too late, even if it’s too early. The moment you know you can change your story is the moment when your life will start changing. And if you are still confused about how to go ahead with it, here are some things that might help you change the story of your life.

Change the villain of your story!

It might be a bit surprising but most of the times, the villain in our stories is no one else but us. Think about it. We tend to blame ourselves most of the mishappenings or things that weren’t even in our control. It’s fine if you couldn’t clear the interview. It’s totally fine if you couldn’t make into the national team and it’s totally fine if you are not a millionaire right now. You are still living the story. Change the villain and stop blaming yourself for it. Accept yourself for what you are and be proud of your accomplishments. Always remember,

You are the one who saves everyone from the villain and you are the one who achieves almost everything in his life. You are the here. Act like it.

Change the storyline!

You might be probably thinking, “How is that even possible? We all have a destiny and we are bound to follow it!”.

What if I tell you that your destiny lies in your own hands. You are the only person in charge. And it’s actually quite easy to understand. Remember the time you wanted to quit your job and try your hand in acting? Do you still feel your life would be easier if you would have been an actor? Don’t blame your destiny for not pushing you that way. It was your decision to stay because you were scared. Good things never come to people who fear. Get above your insecurities and try out the things you actually love. It’s your life after all. You are the actor and the director. Change the story line and make your movie worth a watch.


Give yourself a superpower!

And that superpower has nothing to do with X-ray vision and flying. One superpower that can actually change your movie for good is “Self-belief”.

“And why is that a superpower?”, you would ask.

It’s because not everyone possesses this power. And you can have that. Make yourself super confident and the one who has belief strong enough to take over the world. Be that. Give yourself the powers that have the ability to make you achieve anything you want.

Change the star cast!

It’s often said that we become the person we live it. And that’s true for every aspect of our lives. Most of the times we tend to make bad decisions because everyone around us is pulling us down. You might feel you are helpless in this situation.

But you are not. It’s your life. It’s your movie and you have every right to change the star cast if they are not cooperating. You have every right to delete the people from your life who underestimate you. Keep yourself surrounded with people who are there for you when it counts the most. Make sure they lift you up in all the situations.

Always remember it’s your movie. No one else can be credited for it. If you ever feel the need to blame someone else for what you are going through, you should recall that you are the director. Things will go as per your plans only if you have belief strong enough to make it happen.



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