I don’t like world as it is now. I don’t like the hatred, I don’t like the wars and the killing. I want to change the world for good. I dream of a world without prejudice and hatred. I dream of a world where we live together as a community building a bright future.

I know I am not crazy when I say I have ideas to change the world. And I am pretty sure I am not alone, most of us have thought about it quite often. Most of us want to see a beautiful world around us. Most of us want to change the world. If this works out well, wouldn’t be closer to the world we have always dreamt of?

It does sound great on paper but there are a couple of problems with this plan.

  1. While we are ambitious about our goals, and ambitions, most of us choose to say maybe tomorrow and decide to sleep on them. This creates an illusion for a perfect world while no changes in the actual scenario.
  2. Each one of us has a different view of what the perfect world looks like. For some, it would be a technologically advanced nation and for some, it would be the world full of love. With this perspective, when we try to change the world for good, we all are hammering the iron at different places and hence no effective result.

How can we change the world then?

The first thing we need to do is to calm down. It’s almost impossible to change we hardly know anything about. The same applies to the world we are living in. Why not start with something smaller? What not start with you?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

If you really want to change the world, focus on changing yourself. If you want to see a perfect world, make yourself perfect first.

Let’s assume you have a problem with people littering on the street. One way to counter this would be lecturing him and finding out ways to punish them. This would be an example of negative reinforcement and has 50-50% chances of working. Another way of solving this case would be by setting an example. If you want people to stop littering, do what a perfect person would do. Pick up the waste and put it in a dustbin and repeat it till you make an impact. If not 100%, Positive reinforcement makes people deal with emotions has a better option of working.

Keep working on yourself!

What’s your passion? What do you work on? Are you perfect in it?

The answer is pretty obvious here. And this is another reason why I write. I know I am not amazing in it, I know there are many people much better than me. But I choose to improve myself daily through small efforts. I know it will take time. I know I have a long way to go but I know writing helps me articulate my thoughts better and makes a better person than I was yesterday.

I keep changing myself so that I can change the world.

The same applies to each one of us.

We must realize that perfection always lies on the horizon. And we must keep chasing it without being hesitant for a minute because it’s a long road and we bave a long way to go.

Can you get better? Believe it, yes you can. You have it in you.

You have it in you.

Keep working more.

Keep learning more.

And keep working towards making yourself perfect thus making the world perfect.

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