So let’s remember how your last night went.

11:00 PM: I should sleep now to get a sound sleep but one YouTube video won’t hurt.

11:20 PM: This is the last video I am watching

11:30 PM: I still have six and a half hour to sleep. I shall now sleep at 12 PM

12:05 PM: Oh damn! I am late. I will finish this video real quick and will sleep

12:25 PM: dozes off with laptop

Now let’s talk about your glorious obnoxious morning

6:00 AM: *snoozes* just 5 more minutes

6:15 AM: *snoozes* Aaah! Just 5 more minutes, I will skip my exercise today.

6:30 AM: *snoozes* Maybe I will pack my breakfast down the street.

6:45 AM: I should finally wake up now! *snoozes*

7:00 AM: Shit Shit Shit Shit. I am late.

Who wouldn’t relate to this schedule? We all do it every other day with the solemn oath of improving our routine from “tonight” but sadly it never comes. We all have definitely adapted to the hectic schedule we are stuck in but we all know that our morning could be much more productive if we could plan everything effectively and make our day useful. However hard it may seem to be, it is actually not a tough thing to do. Psychologists say we take 21 days to form something we do into habit. The first few days could be tough but we can definitely take up the right way by following these DO’s and DONT’s:

 Things TO DO the night before:

  • Plan for the next morning. Make a schedule of your daily routine and decide your time according to which activity consumes most of your time.
  • Keep everything ready. Polish your shoes, press your shirt, make a presentation if needed. Don’t leave it for the next day.
  • Set up an alarm for the time you need to wake up. Don’t have multiple alarm times though.
  • Give yourself 7 or 8 hours of sound sleep.

DON’T do these the night before:

  • Don’t use any electronic item at least 30 minutes before sleep.
  • Don’t stress up. If you are having a tough time, meditate to keep your mind empty.

Things to do after you wake up:

  • Set up a routine and follow that. Wake up on the first alarm and keep moving.
  • Take out time to exercise. A 10 minute workout session can make your mind and body healthy.
  • Note down the things you plan to do for the day.
  • Play some music if keeps your blood flowing. Work while you enjoy its beats.
  • Engage in something productive like making a breakfast or packing lunch for yourself.

DON’T do these after you wake up:

  • Don’t press the snooze button. This is the most important part and decides your whole day.
  • Don’t stress up. It might slow down your working speed.
  • Don’t watch Television or engage in any video series.
  • Don’t ignore your family/friends. Talk to them.

Like I mentioned before, although these might look good on a realistic ground, it is very much easier to implement them. You just need some days to follow this routine and can watch your day getting productive and happier.




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