If these sound familiar to you, then keep calm and continue being the huntress of intellect because sapiosexuality is all about getting intense pleasurable feelings from just anything that exhibits intelligence.

1. When you prefer sarcasm for answers

You’re that smart-kin who answers to everything in an uproarious fashion and is not satisfied till the one at the other end matches the level of your favorite pal Rigby from the ‘Regular Show’.

2. When the library of a person tempts you more than his gadgets

Franz Kafka, AmitavGhosh, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Salman Rushdie – bet your inner demon is already doing the somersaults fuelled by the excitement of finally having met someone who invests more on these names rather than on smart gadgets.


3. When pep-talks aren’t your thing anymore

You know your conversation with somebody is going to be interesting because apparently it includes politics, development policies, start-ups, philosophy, wines and what not.

4. When modesty calls for the win

Sometimes you meet this all-rounder and there is no shortage of expressions of commendation for him/her. It’s their battle of Confidence VS Ego and you’re already smiling because you like the part where they let confidence win.

5. When you like the fact that the concerned someone’s pick of a song (be it Bollywood/ Hollywood/ What-so-ever-wood) is because of its lyrical genius

You know you’ve just won a chance to have a heart-to-heart conversation because you both are seeker of words and truth. You understand the importance of lyrics even if it is of the country music or of The Smiths from older times that annoys your generation.

6. When The Shawshank Redemption & The Lunchbox > Twilight & DDLJ

Though you don’t mind watching the latter genre with popcorn at boring weekends but glued to the top of your priority list are always the likes of former ones that churn your intellect and leave you sleepless for nights.

7. When you are all popcorn-ish when someone has an IQ as well as an EQ

How attractive it is to be acquainted to people who are not jerks while dealing with others because the Intelligence Quotient in them is perfectly balanced with an equal level of Emotional Quotient.

8. When looks don’t matter to you anymore

Ever looked at anyone and judged them on their looks? If the answer’s NO, stay on the same page because you’re a pretty-pretty little being in this big complicated world. That sounds naïve? Well no, it’s humane; intelligent.

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