“Despite being a girl, Rachna is such a wonderful driver,” Anil said to his friend Arunima one day as they were sipping coffee in a well-known restaurant. The atmosphere and the ambience were splendid as usual and like every other day they were spending their half hour break gossiping about stuff. Little did Anil know that his view on Rachna’s driving would entrap him into a huge controversy.

No one cares about the sense these days. Even the relevance and reference are omitted. All they do is quote. And they do not quote just about anything. They quote things that they can twist into their own favors. ‘They’, here, are the Femi-Nazis.

In another break time sitting Arunima confided to the HR officer Anil’s take on Rachna’s driving. And Anil’s career hasn’t looked ahead since. He spends his days sitting in his home, all bearded up and he finds people talking about him on newspapers and TV. His position in the company even heightened up the things. Journalists, having received a new story, line up in front of his door meticulously every day and he knows that he is photographed in almost every minute. Amidst all these, Anil still couldn’t understand what was wrong about his comment.

He decides that these are the times of evil and that it’s the safest thing these days to not open his mouth. He learnt Femi-Nazism the hard way.
Men care, love and adore women. And just because they are men, they do not have to be always looking to nail women. All right, we sympathize with you about the days when you have your stomach thrusting periods. We understand that you have to deal with excruciating pain during child birth. But are we, men, to be blamed for all this? The Omni-powerful God has made you this way, not us, men.

When Anil said that Rachna was a wonderful driver despite being a woman, he only had respect in his mind for her because not all girls could drive as nicely as she did. Anil, in no way, had the slightest disregard for Rachna or any other girl.

Now the question, ‘what did Rachna’s gender have to do anything with her skills in driving’? Well, as a woman in this society, one might have had to go through a lot of social undermining and taunts. The first time Rachna might have held the steering, she might have been discouraged tremendously and it is only logical that some value be given to her for all that. Anil might not have had to face all that when his endeavors at driving were still on.

I am not shying away from the fact that there are a lot of men, even today, who do not hold women in equal respects to their own selves. But just like the five fingers in your palm are not of the same size, not all men have the same kind of mindsets. This thing needs to change. But to create controversies and destroy lives by selective excerption is not the solution.

I, as a man and a perceived enemy by many from the opposite gender, do sincerely hope that we all successfully build a harmonious society, where we all are equal in actions and in thought, and prosper. Name calling and passing the buck isn’t going to make that happen. We all have to work towards it, together.

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