Who doesn’t love to dine in a fancy expensive restaurant? Especially when you are on a date, you need to show off. So, on your first date with this amazingly cute girl you like, you take her to a fancy restaurant. And believe me, it is like really really fancy. It’s better to skip calling names because you obviously cannot pronounce it. However, this is just the start! We have covered every possible thing that is wrong with trendy and fancy restaurants:

1. What’s the name of the restaurant? Again!

Well, you are in a fancy restaurant on a date and we can definitely understand the dejection in your eyes when you cannot even take the name of the restaurant you are heading to in front of your crush. you were better off with Manoj Dhaba!

2. Don’t be ashamed yet! Dishes have more fancy names than you thought!

Why it cannot be something as easy as channe ki sabji and Tandoori Roti? Why do we have names that only waiters can pronounce? Do they want us totally look dumb and embarass us?

3. And Waiters have this amazing habit of standing on your face!

Well, you are in a fancy restaurant and their waiters are definitely paid more than what you earn. But they really are good at their jobs. They will pester you with the smallest of things and thousands of questions. Good luck shouting “GET OFF MY FACE NOW!”

4. Every special dish for 2 will have an odd number of items!

This definitely isn’t rocket science and neither does it involve masters degree in mathematics to know that a dish for two should have an even number of items. But, No! You are in a fancy restaurant. Deal with it!

5. And those fancy food with their fancy style of eating!

All your life, you have been eating with your hands. And you are stuck here now. You don’t even get a fork. What is this? A knife? Am I supposed to kill someone? What do I do?

6. Remember this! Supper is snacks and dinner for two is dinner for one!

You finally manage to order some random food from the menu which you couldn’t even spell. But hardly did you know that you are going to be hungry.You ordered for two but that’s going to do anything for you. It’s a fancy world, remember?

7. And when you have to pay the bill!

You definitely have expected a lot but it surely going to beat all of it. There will be taxes, not one not two but many of those taxes which you could never have imagined.


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