A Facebook page named “Indian Atheists” which had around 28000 likes and had been in operation for past 4 years has been paralysed by Facebook from last few days. It has not been completely banned by Facebook but its operations has been marked unsafe. Due to this, users are not able to share images or videos or tag the page on their walls.Whenever one tries to share images or content from the page, Facebook users get a notification saying: ‘The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe.’

In this case of temporary paralysing the page, Facebook has failed to intimate the administrators of page about this which is kind of unusual. Facebook has a policy of informing the admins of the page before taking any action against them.

The reason for this ban is not yet known but is hinted that it maybe because of their critical posts against de-recognition of Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle at IIT Madras and the manner in which the institution has invited religious leaders to peddle pseudo-science inside the IIT campus. While Facebook prohibits hate speech, as per its ‘community standard’, the administrators of the page reject the notion that it had indulged in any sort of hate propaganda.

It is quite likely possible that some Hindu extremists tried to flag the page due to their agenda of a logical society without any religion which they definitely didn’t like. This image says it all.


The page, set up four years ago, has been managed by members belonging to Nirmukta, an online advocacy group which claims to promote science, free thought, secular humanism in India. It is a community of several free thinkers of India who join together and discuss their ideas.

If you think, this ban is in justified and is just some harsh action against extremists, you too can help this page by following these steps:


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