Today is Diwali, the festival of lights, which celebrates the victory of good over evil, or, one mythical character over another. For these couple of days, even an atom bomb bursting right next door will not alarm an average Indian. Those of us who have been out purchasing fireworks, be it the first time or since childhood, we all have seen the branding of fireworks on celebrities, gods, and famous people. For example, this:


Not a surprise that calling someone “Patakha” is flirtatious over here!

Going by the trends of previous years, we have come up with some of the fireworks that have been most popular this Diwali:

  • Modi Rocket: Once lit with the fire of elections, it will travel all around the world making a lot of noise but will not burst when it lands in your own backyard. Highly bovine-friendly.
  • Vyapam Infinite Ladi: One of the longest and most impacting firecrackers this year, this one goes on for much longer than you expect it to, and you never really know which link will burst out of existence next. The further you stay away from it, the safer you are.
  • Bahubali Sparklers: Relatively unknown until recently, it gives you a display of epic proportions. Although most shopkeepers selling this have reported customers coming back with one question- Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?
  • Mahagatbandhan Jungle Bomb: Usually shines brighter because some other bomb fused out, the only thing this one can be given credit for is the previous record of misplaced explosions and repeated fire accidents it caused. Made from a patchwork of previously dysfunctional bombs.
  • Intolerance Anars: This one always leads to a competition between neighbours about whose anar reaches higher and burns brighter. Can only be purchased by returning awards.
  • Goswami Chakri: The primetime offering from Times Fireworks Company, it burns and spins and whistles like crazy during Fusehour, burning and igniting everything around it in all directions, yet not causing any significant damage in the end. Cannot stand straight unless ignited. How much does this cost, the Nation wants to know!
  • Indrani Multi Sound: One of the most confusing bombs this year, its effect is best observed with family members. People have reported mixing up their relationships after a certain number of explosions and no one knows exactly how many explosions this causes.
  • Startup 100 Shots: Each shot has a name corresponding to the fireworks’ lifecycle, like prototype, seed funding, advertisement etc and it usually needs a lot of encouragement. Can be operated from a Smartphone and all of a sudden, everyone seems to want one.
  • Leone Chocolate Bombs: Usually hidden behind layers of cover in the backyard of the fireworks store, this one has become mainstream after some repackaging and rebranding. Most people are too used to buying it secretly and still can’t go to a shop and ask for it 😛

These were the ones which we could find at the stores. If you come across some more interesting ones, do let us know in the comments below.
And have a happy and safe Diwali! J

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