Feminism-the word that has been tossed a lot many times recently, characterise the political, social, legal and economic development for equal rights and opportunities for women in all the fields. And too often you would find people asking all sorts of questions about feminism, like,

If you are so interested in equality, Why don’t you fight for struggling men?

This is about time we clear the concepts.

According to Oxford Dictionary, Feminism is derived from the word “feminine” meaning females or relating to women..I probably think this might have cleared the air a bit. But if you are still in doubt, Here it goes. It is actually the belief that women are equal to men in all aspects and therefore, they should be treated in the same way. This specifically means feminism has to address issues that treat women inferior to men and there are still many. If we go back a few decades when the first wave of feminism started, things were really worse and feminism has helped us bridge the existing gap between men and women over all those years. This has only possible because we had specific women related issues to address and that’s how we have been highly successful so far.

feminism definition

However, things are still not perfect. In today’s world, one may say that there is hardly any discrimination between males and females. But there are still some issues that deserve due attention and this is what feminism is trying to address. And you would be ignorant to say nothing like that sort exists today. A simple example would be in the concept of patriarchy. Just look at how a son and a daughter is being treated in a single home. Even in the corporate world,there has been this practice of gender pay gap wherein,males are paid higher than females. You see,the heroines..they are paid less than the heroes.According to a research,women in the U.S. make an average of 78 cents to their male coworker’s dollar for doing exactly the same work. They put in the same amount of effort but still, get paid less.

Not only this, but women also have to face unfriendly job environment especially single mothers or wanna be mothers,they have to face molestation,  sexual assault and what not,this is not only at work place but anywhere they travel..whether it is a road ,a metro, a party or anything.The simple reason behind this is ignorance…ignorance of efforts and ignorance of self worth. According to a study, 75% of women who reported a rape case were under the age of 25 at the time of assault. They are convicted to be guilty of their condition. They are blamed for provoking and inviting their attackers. This is where the need of feminism arises.We need feminism to eradicate such mindsets that gives a thumbs up to the BURGLARY CULTURE. Yes, the BURGLARY CULTURE, wherein you are robbed of your fundamental rights, your thoughts, your justice, your feelings and emotions.

We need feminism until people don’t realise the concept of “Don’t rape” and forget about “Don’t get raped”. We need feminism until people don’t realise to “Pay her equally’ and forget about “Pay Him Only”.. We need feminism until people don’t realise that “all are equal” and forget about “ABC or whatever is supreme”.We need feminism until each and every country in this world has strict laws for marital rapes, child marriages, female genital mutilations, infanticides, molestation and sexual abuse, rapes etc.We need feminism until people realise that women are not at all okay with the indifference and injustice done to them and hence, have not accepted this lifestyle of inequity.

We need to understand that it’s not a gender issue… It’s HUMANITY issue. It’s not about telling women what to do or what not! It’s about giving them freedom.. freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of utilising their capabilities to their best and the biggest of them all. THE FREEDOM OF EQUALITY.If you are a feminist, you believe in equal rights for women.. not because women are better but,because every human deserves equality.
Wanna know why we actually need feminism?
Because you still asking me that question!!!
Something to ponder upon?
MAY BE……..

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